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  1. This post is going to be a complete overview of my entire approach to NoFap. I plan to read this once a day to remind me of my goals. I am going to be setting out this summary using this post that I saw a while back as a template just because I really liked its comprehensive nature:

    Part 1: Complete List of Why I Am Quitting Porn

    When I watch porn:

    - I feel weak

    - I feel anxious

    - I’m less attractive to women

    - I’m reluctant to approach and talk to girls

    - I lose my motivation to have sex with real girls

    - I worry about stupid things

    - I care more about what people think

    - I’m not as self-confident

    - I feel self conscious

    - I’m less assertive

    - I feel less capable of achieving my goals

    - I’m less productive

    - I feel anti-social

    - I feel depressed

    - I feel lazy

    - I feel content even though I haven’t done anything

    - I feel numb to the world

    - I don’t feel proud of myself

    - I want to hide away and be by myself

    When I DON’T watch porn:

    - I feel ambitious

    - I feel confident

    - I feel peaceful and happy

    - I’m motivated to achieve my goals

    - I’m more attractive to women

    - I feel more driven to approach girls

    - I feel more motivated to have sex with real girls

    - I have nothing to hide

    - I have a greater desire to be social

    - People seem to like me more

    - People seem to want to hang out with me more

    - I feel proud of my integrity and what I stand for

    - I care less about what people think of me

    Part 2:Why I Watch Porn

    I watch porn when:

    - I have an uncomfortable physical feeling in my body and I want to relieve it.

    - I am experiencing uncomfortable emotions and want to escape from them. They are either:

    - Boredom

    - General Craving/Withdrawal

    - Horniness

    - Depression

    - Loneliness

    - Anxiety

    - Desire for Intimacy

    - Jealousy about other people’s lives

    - Feeling great and wanting to celebrate by ‘rewarding’ myself

    - Feeling unmotivated

    - Feeling tired and wanting to relax

    - Wanting to forget about the day

    - I fantasise about either porn, girls I know in real life or just being in a relationship

    - I wake up in the night and can’t get back to sleep

    - I lie in bed awake for too long in the morning and start fantasising

    - I’m low on willpower and start rationalising about how it’ll be ok if I watch porn and it won’t affect my life

    Part 3:Goals

    - NoFap: Must have completely recovered and reached at least 90 days of total abstinence by July 2016.

    - Work: Be working again and earning money in the Summer, either at my old job or a new one or both

    - Business: Look into starting up my own business as a side project to earn some money

    - University: Want to get a 2:1 or better in my degree and do as well as possible in my assignments this year

    - Reading: Want to read more books instead of surfing the internet

    - Art: Want to learn to draw well and make paintings

    - Writing: Want to write a novel

    - Cooking: Want to learn to cook a greater variety of meals

    - Weights: Keep on lifting weights on a regular basis and eating healthily

    - Meditation: Keep on meditating twice a day

    Part 4a:My Emergency Tools

    (NOTE: Most of these are copied from the original post because I just liked the resources that the original poster had chosen)

    - Urge Zapper:

    - If fighting an urge, read this article. If you still want to PMO after reading, be my guest...

    - Video: "Why the People of NoFap are Successful"

    - Watch a grasshopper eat a bug -> Lose your erection

    - Words of wisdom from the legendary @aron

    - Words of wisdom from the legendary @William

    - Another encouraging post by the legendary "William"

    - A TedTalk about "Emotional Hygiene"

    - This awesome success story

    - This scene fromLost

    - Terry Crews telling us about how HE quit!

    - A response to a Fapstronaut who wants to cheat on his gf

    - A reddit post titled, "Don't Do It! Message to your future self"

    - @MercenaryKing's talking about his friend's "God Mode"

    - @NoneForMeThanks's "One Year Speech"

    - Pocket Guide to EFT for Addictions.pdf



    - And of course:The Famous Emergency Tool

    Part 4b:My Personal Motivational/Educational Tools

    Part 5:Combatting the 40 Day Slump

    - I will continue to read this post every day to remind myself why I am doing this

    - I will live in the present moment and live every day as if it is my last

    Part 6:Triggers and How to Combat Them

    To deal with triggers I will:

    - Control my thoughts to the best of my ability so I don’t fantasise in the first place

    - Do Push Ups TO FAILURE

    - Read this entire post and look at all of the resources in Part 4

    - Go outside if possible, or if not, at least do something absorbing such as reading, writing, art or videogames


    1. Look at the time

    2. Put on some music and go back to sleep

    3. If half an hour after the time I woke up I am still awake, get up

    4. Read a book


    1. Always set an alarm

    2. Get up as soon as the alarm goes off

    3. Meditate

    4. Read this post


    1. Stretch

    2. Go to the bathroom

    3. (If still there) Go for a walk


    1. Accept that there is nothing wrong with what you’re feeling at that moment. It’s part of the process, you’re supposed to feel like that

    2. Read this post especially Part 4

    3. Either Meditate for a few minutes, go for a walk or just go and do something else that you enjoy and wait it out. It WILL go away within a few hours


    1. Do not allow these thoughts to even start in the first place. Use meditation skills to keep the thoughts from growing and nip them in the bud as soon as you notice them

    2. (IF YOU’VE FAILED TO CONTROL THEM IN THE FIRST PLACE AND THEY HAVE GROWN TO BECOME UNMANAGEABLE) Remove yourself from the room or situation you are in

    3. Get yourself thinking about a topic or activity that you love or something you’re excited about and start obsessively thinking about it, then do an activity to do with that thing that you love


    1. JUST STOP. Trust the process, it IS worth the struggle. Ignore whatever is going on in your head, look at the chart on your wall and remind yourself of what great progress you’re making

    2. Read this post especially the first two parts

    3. Just relax, don’t do anything stupid and wait for the urge to pass
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