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Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by dark666, Oct 25, 2018.

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    Hello everyone
    I've been doing nofap for about a year now (age 17), and I'm too the point where getting a multiple day streaks from 3 to 11 days is easy (used to be impossible). Unfortunetly, I always get some urges eventually. The good part is that I can always divert my attention and go do something else. The issue comes from the fact that once the urge comes, it litterly sticks with me through whatever I do for the entire day. It just won't go away. In theory I could stay out of the house all day to prevent relapse, but I have things I need to get done. The urges drag with me all day and I can't resist for that long.

    Any tips?
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    One way to approach the issue is through your beliefs about the behavior. Think of this as your sledgehammer to break down the stone wall of addiction. You are not at the mercy of your desires - you HAVE the ability to control yourself. Don't fear yourself. The longer you starve the addiction by not throwing gas on the fire (looking and lusting) the easier it will become to subdue the problem... your proof is on this site. They are no better than you, you can do the same. Keep fighting, it will get easier. Change your beliefs. You say you don't believe you can resist when you eventually get these urges; you think that the urges will become too strong and they will overwhelm your ability to make the right decision. How do you know that? Just because you have given in before doesn't mean you don't have the ability. How do you know that you need PMO eventually at some point?
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