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My dad is sick.

Discussion in 'Off-topic Discussion' started by inthemaking, Jan 12, 2021.

  1. inthemaking

    inthemaking Fapstronaut

    I've just spent some time with my dad.
    He's on medication for schizophrenia and high blood pressure. Today I joked about him being so fat because he's on corticosteroids and is basically being pumped full of oestrogen.
    Both last night and today he complained of puking and a sore chest. This time, I actually saw what had happened.
    He threw up into the toilet about 6 times, then he started complaining about coughing and hot flashes.
    I didn't know what to do so I was more sarcastic than usual around him, my whole body felt tense.
    He continued to cough and puke, then went downstairs to sit down in the kitchen.
    I put on my mask and washed my hands thoroughly because I was scared.
    I talked to him for a bit about what it could be; coronavirus; cancer, these are symptoms of advanced cancer; sclerosis of the liver; the medication he's on.
    He then went upstairs and said that he's going to sleep this off. I can't sleep this off because I feel too stressed now.
    I want to cry, but no tears can come out.
    The last thing he told me was that he loves me.
    I feel as though he won't come back from this.
    What should I do to make myself less stressed and to ease his pain?
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  2. GeeJ

    GeeJ Fapstronaut

    I am sorry about this. I have not answer.
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  3. inthemaking

    inthemaking Fapstronaut

    That's understandable, not everyone wants to talk about their parents dying.
    I felt as though I had to post this because it was trapped inside of my chest and it wouldn't come out. I felt physically sick at the sight of my dad puking constantly and feeling that much pain. I had to wash my hands because of how disgusted I felt.
    But if you could advise me to do something, what would you tell me to do?
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  4. blacklabel92

    blacklabel92 Fapstronaut


    ur a good son for being there for him and considering him as your moving forward. it sounds like you need to take him to the hospital but since its covid that might be a problem. just keep him as comfortable as possible. thats all you can do rn. make sure hes drinking plenty of fluids and getting as much rest as he can possibly get. put a trash bin by his bed so he doesnt have to get up to puke. the less he moves the better. change out his pillow cases and bed sheets every couple hours just in case if hes sweating through them. also bring him his meals to his bed, like i said the less he gets up the better. What he needs is lots of fluids and bed rest. Talk and think positive when your around him. Tell him jokes or reminisce about when you were a kid, ask him about his childhood. Keep his mind off the pain of being sick and on more lighthearted positive thoughts. Tell him everythings going to be okay. Thats the best thing you can say to someone when there going through a ringer. Hope some of this helped. Good luck to you and your father buddy.
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  5. PanteriMauzer

    PanteriMauzer Fapstronaut

    Take him to the hospital
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  6. IOGD

    IOGD Fapstronaut

    I'm so sorry to hear this man. Is this normal at all? Because if this has just started out of the blue, it sounds serious and I highly recommend trying to convince him to go to the hospital.

    As for your own stress, just remember that what your dad is going through may not be serious. There are many explanations for excessive vomiting, so it's best to have a doctor diagnose him first. I'm sure I would probably feel scared too in your situation, so I seriously hope and pray that things work out. Also, I recommend talking to a close friend and confiding your worries in them: the more isolated you feel the harder it is.
  7. COVID is unlikely to cause the particular symptoms you have described for your father. Those sound more like hormone-induced morning sickness--the kind pregnant women often have--or even menopause. Hot flashes might also come from taking niacin (vitamin B3) supplements--if so, the hot flash is harmless, and alcohol can cause something similar. Of course, I don't know any more than what you've said, and you should not take medical advice from the internet too seriously--a doctor, who is able to do a physical exam, will be far better able to offer a correct diagnosis. But if you have some ideas of what it might be, you can look them up online and research the symptoms. It is sometimes possible to learn on your own this way.

    Here are some other things you might research: hepatitis, cirrhosis, Crohn's disease, gastroenteritis, salmonella and/or food poisoning, influenza, tuberculosis (if he's coughing heavily or coughs blood), etc.

    The vitamin C therapy might be good for him, as I described above. Look up online how much vitamin C a goat produces in its body every day. Unfortunately, we humans don't make it, and must have it in our diet.

    Take courage, and remember, no matter what his health situation is, it will be better for both of you if you maintain a positive attitude not give yourself over to fear.

    Hope this helps.
  8. re-Wire

    re-Wire Fapstronaut

    Be completely truthful and express what you are experiencing. Discuss this with him, anything else and share yourself with him. That is what he would want as well, to be with you on a deeper level.
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  9. GeeJ

    GeeJ Fapstronaut

    I am literally speechless that has literally taken the breath out of my lungs and hit me deep in my gut.

    I am so so so sorry.

    I have never met you but I am in pain from your pain.
    I have no words.

    God must have made you stronger, for me I don't think I could have coped with all that.

    How did you cope?

    Man that depressed me.
    What can be done so no one has to go through what you did?
  10. GeeJ

    GeeJ Fapstronaut

    If I could cry I would.
  11. GeeJ

    GeeJ Fapstronaut

    They say crying helps with emotions like that. I have heard but I haven't cried for over 15 years so what do I know about that. My emotions inside are such a mess. If I start to cry would I ever stop.
    Young guy. I have honestly spent a lot of my life running away from my difficult emotions and trying to not feel anything which might help for a little while but it don't do you any good.

    If you can try to speak about it when I was diagnosed with Anxiety/depression years ago. I never spoke to anyone I kept it inside and when I started talking about it as people ask a lot about it. It helped.
    I know it hurts I am thinking about when my Gran passed away I feel some hurt now just thinking about it.
    I had many years with my Gran she had cancer aswell.
    It's weird I am not happy she's gone but I feel content that she is not in pain.
    I am not sure what your Dad is sick with so be careful to protect yourself aswell.

    I would say spend time with him but as I said be careful as you do not know what your Dad is sick with.
    Stay Safe.

    Call in the Doctor/Ambulance would be a good idea so you can get him the right help he needs.
  12. The differential diagnoses for what he might have is so long that it hurts just thinking about it. For better or worse, understand that these symptoms are most definitely not exclusive to cancer.

    I fail to understand why he is being given corticosteroids for his conditions, but there's obviously more to this case than meets the eye.

    Heavy vomiting is reason alone to take him to the ER. Compounded with his underlying conditions, this makes for a rather complicated case which is impossible to understand in just 1 post. Long story short, get him to a hospital and bring all his meds along. Check the appearance of his vomitus closely and report it to the doctor, including any changes in its colour or smell.

    All the best. Ignore the vitamin fanatic.
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