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    Hey guys, I was On No Pmo Since last 60+ Day. But i failed my self , its been 4 days since my last relapsed . Not a single relapsed it was series of 2- relapses.. But I learn a lots of things from my mistakes.Becoming a fapstranaut and joining this community is the biggest change in my life and i m really happy for that .Because its not only help me to quit porn and masturbation, its Show the real way of living a meaning full life.The way is to be postive ,Stop negative self talk, don't care what other think of you,Connect with as much peoples as you can and forth.I m not going to back down from NoFap like coward , i m going to fight it now with more hardwork and consistency... Today Day 4 Of My NoFap streak... So i m gonna be more productive , less lazy and be Positive all the time ..Time here is 6:00 pm of the evening , So i will start updating my Daily routine or Journal from Tomarrow Morning ...Hope we Guys help each other and encourage Each ones..#Peace and #Stay_Beastly
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    Hey Good morning peoples....Lovely and shiney day here in India...This Morning i wake up with a little headache , but it is Okk..Still having its affect. So After waking up I drink 2 glass of water , yes it helps in metabolism boost.Then used bathroom to take out the waste of our body..(which is pee).After that i did some little exercise and 50 push ups(Wow that pumps the heart beat really up) .Ya 15 min meditation which helps me to focus on my present day ..After doing all my exercise and meditation i m drinking my milk and writing this journal ...So Today i M going to focus on my productivity , Which is In last couple of day(Almost week) decreases Rapidly ...I going to read as much possible(i m currently reading "Chicken soup for teenage soul". amzing book for new adult or teenagers) and i"ll try to sleep less(haha cause i m taking afternoon naps since a week ) .My School time is gone , my high school overed last month and since that i have lot of free time ..Don't know yet what to do next...Anyway result will declare in Next 2 week , then i will found out what to do next..So today i m thinking about watching marvel movie Dr. Strange..(Really Cool character in avenger :Endgame_ i saw endgame that why i need to watch it too, to get know more about dr. Strange).Ya in the evening me and my some friends have plans to play cricket(Hope you guys heard of that game⚾) They play daily but i join them seldom when i have free time. Ya Ya Making yourself busy the whole day ,Getting out of your comfort zone, Try new things and connect with peoples is our main goals Of No Pmo . I feeling Really motivated and try my best to Do things and give my 100 ℅ in everything... Therefore i will update you guys with my day 5 No pmo journal tonight....#Staybeastly #StayStrong #Peace..
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