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  1. Hi, at the first i want to apologize for my english, but i am studying it, today is the first day after my last masturbation, today was quite easy because i have been a very intense day and i didn't have much free time for masturbate me, however i'm happy for this clean day without masturbation and porn, but i must admit that the first day after masturabtion is easyer than the following day, and i'm aware that the challenge will become harder with the passing of days. For me is too important to share my experience with you, i hope of having another 1000 days and more like this.

    I'm very, very motivate to continue my journey, because today i felt good like as it did not happen for a long time, i think that this is happen because Hope is rekindled in me, the hope of stopping masturbation and watching porn.
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    Welcome! I'm glad you're here. Don't worry about your English, I can understand you.

    Try to focus on one day at a time, rather than thinking about how long the journey is. It's step by step.

    Keep coming back!
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  3. Welcome to the forum!! : ) Please remember to engage with others or make posts to let others know you are, in fact, present here and need support, friendship, and encouragement! Good luck on your journey.
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    Same here, my first day on nofab. no masturbation and porn today and feeling better :):)
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  5. Hi friends, at the firs a want to apologize for my English, but I’m studying it, unfortunately, today at the midnight i broke my streak of abstinence of porn and masturbation, there was my first period of NoFap and was during by 11 days. Starting from de 7th day, my want to masturbate me and watch porn grew and grew more, and for every day that passed it was increasingly difficult to hold back. Luckily i have exploit this 11 days for studying for the exam, and i made the most of it, without this period of NoFap, i would never passed this exam because i didn't have study.

    Starting from this morning, has come to me a strong desire to watch porn and masturbate me, in the evening I started to watch porn and at midnight I give up. One important things was that already in the afternoon I understand that I could not have done it, then I tried to distract myself, but at 12.00 pm I returned in my rum, and I finally gave up

    Tomorrow i restarted the universitary lessons, and i hope of restart my period of NoFap. Maybe my error was that of thinking about how long the journey is instead of thinking day to day as suggested by our friend “Septimum”. And another big error was that of leave this forum after the first dat beacuse i thought i had become very storng and that i would have done it alone, i was wrong, now i want to commit myself to attend the forum every dat. T
    omorrow i will restart with this important lesson and with big motivation. See you Tomorrow steprothers!
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  6. Great advice frend, i try to put into practice
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    support from another italian! Tieni duro frate
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    Bonjourno! Bouna fortuna! Good luck bud! You'll make it with some hard work and dedication. We're here for you!
  9. Hi friends, today was a grat day for me, i restart the university lessons and the new subjects are very exciting.
    I didn't have thoughts of masturbate me and watching porn, ok today is only the first day, but i have decided of thinking one day at a time, and tomorrow i will think about tomorrow.
    Before attending, every first failure of my attmept of stop masturabtion and watching porn was for me a disaster, i fall into depression and i masturbate me and watching porn in obsessive compulsive way for more day, but now i am at my first failure, but be in this non fap forum and speak with you, gave me even more and more motivation.
    See you tomoorow stepbrother.
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  10. You also have my support italian guy, non si molla di un centimetro!
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    Dont stop the journals in future. It helps
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  12. Grandissimo, fratello! Dacci dentro!
    Congratulazioni da un altro connazionale!

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