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Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by Gcl21, Feb 14, 2017.

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    Warning: Explicit Content

    About a week ago, I challenged myself to stop masturbation once and for all. Obviously, this is no easy feat, but I'm confident that I can do anything when my mind is set to it. Now, to address the title, I have been edging for the past two days. What happens is I secrete pre-seminal fluid, but I do not secrete seminal fluid. I have found this to be a gray area for other NoFap users and rarely does it get addressed. For me, I still retained my benefits so long as I don't reach a climax. To get scientific, one user I encountered said it would still be considered a relapse because you willing watched porn and your brain released minimal levels of dopamine. I, however, find it different. I see a relapse being defined when an individual reaches climax and a massive amount of dopamine is released. Regardless of who is right or wrong, I find it curious that I've edged twice now and I still retained my benefits. This begs the question, who else has experienced this?
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    I used to edge earlier and think that it's okay to edge as ur not releasing the sperm and u still have the benefits.
    but now i avoid edging as well. edging is worse than fapping as u are giving ur mind the dopamine.

    the problem is not so much in the crotch area, as it is in the mind and thoughts. its the mind that has to be rebooted, and new wires have to be formed.
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    I agree, dopamine builds up when edging or searching for pictures and videos, any kind of novelty. You have to find another path to get it.
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    The edging is probably worse than MO. Jerking to orgasm might last minutes. Edging can take up hours of your life. Building the excitement and keeping it there makes cumming the end of a great time. Better to redirect your ambition.
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    No, this is not a gray area. Edging definitely is worse than normal PMO because the dopamine levels (still due to artificial stimulus) stay elevated over longer periods of time. There is a section in YBOP that discusses what edging does and how damaging it can be.

    I am almost certain that my PIED was caused by countless hours of edging for years. I had a 'tease and denial' fetish, which means I would keep myself horny with porn and fantasies and have no orgasms for weeks at a time. Probably 95% of my porn consumption was done while edging. And eventually, I started losing my erections. I knew something was wrong because I wasn't having orgasms but I had desensitized myself to even getting hard for real sex.
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    I would have to agree with everyone on here. Although orgasm can be a big hit of dopamine, more than any one video will give you, it doesn't compare to countless videos that one edging session can take up. When you orgasm the dopamine levels drop back down to normal levels, but when you edge the levels stay up for a longer period of time.
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    Much appreciated, guys!
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    Edging is my problem also. I always count edging as a slip and reset my counter.
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    They've always said edging is worse than masturbating ... I watched this short video and this guy explains it well :

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    It's nice to keep the Semen, but after an edging session, I feel horrible. Spanking your meat for 12 hours straight just can't be healthy. If you're worried about PIED or just damaging your junk edging has to be the worst. After a long edging when I finally do cum nothing comes out but a tiny amount of semen which probably isn't a healthy thing. I think edging will make you far more of a dopamine/porn masturbation addict than just straight wanking will. I wonder if malfunctions like blue balls are due to edging?

    I've read, I don't know how true it is, that just squeezing your erect penis can cause testosterone in your body to convert to DHT.
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