My Experience with Semen Retention (4 Months and a half)

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    Hi everyone !

    I want to share my experience about that,so,like a lot of young mens,masturbation and pornography caught us in their nets,it wasn't a lot in my case but enough to ask myself a serious question :

    "What's the problem? How can something that feels good and makes me relaxed can at the same time waste my energy?"

    Feelings never lie,when you have less mental and physical energy just after doing something,you try to understand it,we can hear and read everywhere to listen to our bodies,that advice is very important,even if we don't always take it seriously,because as young mens,we can recover quickly and think that the price to pay will come ONLY when we will old,but i think that is a big mistake.

    The first time i've heard about Semen Retention was about the boxers who never masturbated or have sex weeks before fights to keep the energy,and religions who insist on sexual abstinence,i didn't dig the subject more at that time,and i don't know why,because it's stupid to not have done it sooner,but better late than never.

    By doing my research,i found a very interesting article on this site called :

    Semen Retention And It's Benefits

    It was as if I had found a chest with full of gold coins inside.

    You know that awesome feeling right?

    From there,without being aware of it,since i realized this later obviously,the beginning of my spiritual awakening started,but before i share you that,i want to list the effets that i've feeled on Semen Retention :

    A lot of physical and mental strength

    Feeling very good all the time,automatic smile and people smiled me back

    The body is naturally better drawn,round,with more "meat" everywhere(without having eaten,drunk,played sports or gained weight before)

    Attracting females like bees on honey

    More kindness from men

    The skin is glowing and softer

    The hairs grow between the navel and the neck,and also on the pecs and forearms

    The mustache grows

    Deeper masculine voice

    Better creativity(the piano notes played in my head even before i writed one of them)

    Great motivation in the morning when getting out of bed

    Feeling ready to complete any objective while i am very lazy person in normal times

    Need less hours of sleep,and i wake up healed as if i had slept more

    Ideas coming more easily

    Never feel tired/weak

    A lot less pimples on the face

    More resistant to cold

    Immune to headache

    New facial features and hands

    Clearer and shinier eyes

    The nails,the beard,the mustache push back faster

    The hair grows where it is missing because of my baldness

    Stronger beard

    Bigger penis and testicles,more skin around,harder erections

    More affection from animals(it means that we are connected to every form of life on Earth,and maybe the others planets)

    More hair all over the body

    I feel less the physical pain

    The hairs grow on my toes while I never had before

    The hollow of the shoulders is much more loaded and resistant

    My breath is more powerful,whether inhaling or exhaling through the mouth and nose

    The light increases all over my body day after day,mainly the face,my hands,my forearms and the upper body

    With the testimonials i had read about Semen Retention,i expected something very good,but not Life Changing like that,and it's "just" 4 months,when i read people who are in for 4,8 or 10 years,they must feel like gods...even if of course,we are all different and we will experience different things.

    It's insane to see that Semen Retention Alone is a golden key that opens so many doors in our life,it leaded me to Spirituality in general,which is the best choice of my life,this subject is very deep and very fascinating,The Taoist and Buddhist way of life,Meditation,i opened my Chakras,i discovered the power of Music Frequencies,Astral Projection,Delta Waves to sleep,i pay more attention of things that i eat,i drink more water,i try to learn about a maximum of subjects,i feel like a new person now.

    For the end,i advise you to read :

    Taoist Secrets of Love,Cultivating Male Sexual Energy by Mantak Chia

    This is a book that every man on earth should read,i can't be clearer.:emoji_sunglasses:

    And also,three motivating screens :




    Humans are energy and light,peace and stay strong !
  2. Wow such inspiring and motivational words! Keep it up!!
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    Thanks alot for posting friend i'm almost on day 30 one month and i agree what u
    You have written specialy the respect you get from people its crazy

    Semenretention is the key i had 2 wetdreams woke up in the middle of the night twice and i holded them did nlt release any felt amazing the next day
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  4. Congratulations on 4 months! :)
  5. Redeemed_1

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    Well I’m just about a week into semen retention and I can already feel a great resistant to cold . I pray for the will power to keep on.
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    Hi brother I completely agree with your stance. I'M 5 months clean on semen retention and I feel high on life 24/7
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  7. I'm on day 11 and got compliments from girls and guys that I hang out with for my physical form, even though I started training at home (not gym) just 2 months ago... My body is changing pretty quickly and in an awesome way, let's keep it up and see what happens
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    Im almost at 3 weeks, Im feeling good, I was just wanted to confirm something, I am getting very horny now as is surely expected? and this morning I had a very little sticky patch in my boxers as my mind wondered for about 3-5 mins about a very attractive female ex colleague who i am meeting up with for drinks at the weekend, should I reset?, have i just messed up my whole retention? I didnt touch myself at all and I didn't orgasm or anything. All i had was an erection for a few mins lol, Am i literally back to square one in terms of changes/benefits. I still feel good about myself and am staying positive. Thoughts please? Thanks
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    You re either clueless or you are bragging. Saw this post of your in another thread . gAL
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    Im genuinely clueless, not bragging at all i swear it, i created my own thread just to be sure of a response in case i didnt get one on here. Why would i be bragging anyway?
  11. You already have the answers right there at the end of this quote. You already know the answer to this question- so do not seek it from outside yourself, you open yourself up to influence and manipulation when you do not trust yourself.
    To tell you you are doing wonderful might serve to harm you, to tell you you are doing awful and should reset might as well.
    Calm your mind, meditate for 10 minutes, and listen to your body and heart, not your mind. It will tell you all you need to know.
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  13. Grey is colourless

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    Wait until you get a couple years, you can be out in the snow on the balcony and will take a while until any temperature difference kicks in. The body becomes alive, the spirit is untouched.
  14. Grey is colourless

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    Wait until you get a decade+, you will have enough prana to condense to create physically visible light. Like in stories of cultivators doing dark retreats for years, and using their body light to see.
    These quotes are a little new agey bro...I know what you mean to say but you said them the wrong way
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    I want to remind dudes that take what people say with a grain of salt. Just because a Swami or a religious person ( what ever is their beliefs or what you believe in ) does not mean they are 100% correct. YES their is benefits from semen retention, I practice it myself. I believe that a guy should conserve his semen the best he could and release it to the right person whom he loves. Everything in excess is bad even drinking water. Yes their are guys that are dedicated to retaining semen as a way of life meaning they will not ejaculate under any circumstances and that is fine ( I admire that and wish I could do that ) , however, its really not for me cuz I choose so. I am a semi retainer. I want to correct what I read from Swami that excess masturbation gives Wet dreams and it doesn't, lack of does.
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  16. Grey is colourless

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    I haven't wet dream in 3 years. Not even a little. Iwent physically celibate and watched porn, edged; right before bed. Whatever, no wet dream - Meditation/cultivation done right ...
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    thank you for the awesome post, man!
  18. Xouman

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    Can you link the articles/videos where you read/saw these stories please,because it sounds very interesting !

    I had read few testimonials about these Dark Room Retreats too.
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  20. Grey is colourless

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    Doing the work is more important than believing
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