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Can quitting porn alone fix mild e.d and improve sex life

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  1. csharpie179

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    Hi all, I've been trying nofap for a few years with no luck its embarrassing how much I've failed at quitting porn I'm about to embark on a new challenge and that is quitting porn while allowing myself to masterbate using proper technique and lube no more then three times a week also allowing myself to engage in sex with my woman it's just the porn I'm quitting I'm curious to know if this will be enough to cure my mild e.d and performance anxiety issues it's a experiment that I will be sure to update you off my progress and findings on this matter and I carnt seem to quit all three at the same time my libido is too high it seems. ps anyone up for this challenge no porn for 90 days but sex and masterbation is allowed allowed asking as it's real,no real no deal.
  2. slink123456

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    Sometimes performance anxiety or ed is not due to quitting but other factors as well. Eg. The relationship your in, he chemistry you have with your partner, amongst many other things. I am not saying it is your relationship, just saying that it is not just dependant on no PMO.

    I would still recommend under every circumstance possible to continue using nofap. It is good practise. The longer you use it, the likelier you will not experience forms of ed and anxiety in the future.

    The less harmful of the 3 is normal sex with your girlfriend. Obvs worth noting that can sometimes provoke relapsing, but as long as your vigilant about it, normal sex is not really considered relapse, only in hard mode. For people in relationships, the best option is to do the sex but stop everything else, MO and P.O. good luck!
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  3. csharpie179

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  4. I am working on no P no M on day 43. Being married this has worked the best, in our case. Closeness in all ways has grown dramatically. It's not easy and there are ups and dowms. But it has been worth it.

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