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  1. Mr. riddleer

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    Guys i have been on nofap for almost 2 years now. The longest streaks i got was of 6 days when I shifted from my home to hostel for attending college. Other than that 3 is my longest streak
    nowadays The whole day I sit at home playing valorant , watching tv series and watching porn when I get bored.
    I think I have been on this addiction for almost 5 years. Why is it so much hard for me to quit porn ? Did anyone had the same problem and if you did how did you overcome.
    If college had been opened It would have been easy as i will be busy. even though after all these years of using porn , i am not into any extreme categories of porn . Mostly I like to watch girl on girl porn.
    I have never been in a relationship but i had crush on 2-3 girls in my school days.
    I am extremely social anxious ; cant even go to shops for purchasing , a bit overweight ; not confident of my own body .I feel so useless .
    Starting of this i was very confident and motivated about nofap but now even though i know its benefits i feel very unmotivated now.
  2. Koli Pratham

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    You're not alone My brother.
    Read the Book 'Your Brain On Porn' this will help you to learn about Porn addiction.
    Keep Learning, Exploring and Practicing, Peace!
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    I'm also a lot at home so I can relate. But you need to add to your routine some outdoor activity. It's critical for better your mental health. What is your strategy in order to beat the addiction? What about blockers? Keep track on relapses and learn from them? Sessions with psychologist? You have to use any tool you have. Only "Not PMOing" is not enough.
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  4. alig

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    how old r u, and when u start watching porn?
  5. FarBeyondDriven

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    Only thing that can make you go forward is you. Do you want to do nofap or not? If yes, you will make it.

    You love porn don't you? thats the issue.

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