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  1. When I'm going through a hard time, I like to go to my fantasy world! I am living in Japan like I used to, I have a stable job with good salary, I have a wife, she's short, she's cute, she loves me, she supports me, she makes me become a better being, we met in highschool and she was my underclasswoman.
    Are any of these true? Not even a single one, I work in a weekend market, I am a virgin in sex and love life, I never had female friends in highschool, I barely have friends, I don't even comprehend my sexuality, or my purpose, or my motivation, or my fate.
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  2. Honestly, that sounds like a healthy fantasy and a healthy way to escape.
    Keep that vision in mind. Keep it crystal clear and allow yourself to enjoy the way it feels to imagine such a life. You are envisioning your future. Focus on what you want to experience in life, rather than on your perception of what you are experiencing right now.
    Some people laugh at the concept of manifestation, but it has worked for me, time and time again.
    I envisioned myself in Japan, in a particular place. I put a photo of that place by my desk at work. A year later, imagine how I felt when I was standing there, in that exact place in Japan . . .
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  3. Thank you. I have seen your comments and you always are drawing wisdom, I don't know if it is beneficial to me, It is my biggest pleasure, but when I feel alone is when it hits and I have to take a breather
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  4. Can you feel the looove toooniiiight.....the peace the eeevening briiiiings. The world for once, in perfect harmony.

    :D I miss these kinds of connections here. Not implying anything vulgar, I just got this lion king jam in my head.
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    Just like with PMO, you might be tricking your brain into thinking that this is reality which demotivates you from taking action in order to create this desired reality. my 2 cents anyway.

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