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    I'm not very active here these days because I can only repeat the same advice over and over.

    But I thought of a few words to share for those who will benefit from it.

    Ultimately the only solution comes from you taking notice of your experience before and after your bad behavior.

    Pay attention to your mind. Contemplate everything that arises after your bad behavior. Drill into your mind the consequences of the indulgence.

    When you really take notice of what this behavior does and how it makes you feel, and then compare it to health and sobriety, you will have reference points to guide you.

    Simply look at your mental reference points and remember the difference between the two states.

    Recall in-detail, all of the toxic outcomes that come from your indulgence. And you will not desire it anymore.

    Then recall the positive outcomes of staying on the right path. And it will become second nature to you.

    It all depends on the quality of your awareness to take notice of yourself.
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  3. This is EXACTLY what keeps me going. Well said.
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  4. hey man even if you've already said it a thousand times, this the first time im reading it so its helping
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