My first 90 days on Hardmode - The Ups and the downs.

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    Firstly i would like to thank my AP @naryan for his help and support. It is truly beneficial to have an AP here on this forum.

    A bit of a background about me:
    I started M around the age of 13. I have m'd every day between 13-23.
    Around age 24 I have started fapping to images of beautiful women. (I still remember waiting 5 minutes downloading an image of Cindy Crawford.)
    Then came the internet porn - nothing changed for me. i did m every day and sometimes twice a day.
    Until one day i saw a video on youtube about the benefits of nofap ( i think it was the improvement pill channel)
    First try i did 14 days.
    Plenty of trial and error up until June 2019 where i joined nofap.
    It was the best thing i ever did.
    Since joining the average streak was 4 days and the record was 21 days. ( hard mode)
    P was never a true addiction. M and O were.
    I kept learning and improving. The main thing was "studying myself"
    I have identified my triggers and found that all of them were psychological and nonsexual.

    Back to my current streak:
    It was mainly smooth but had some withdrawal symptoms :
    Insomnia ( from day 10-30)
    Anger - Flatlines - Extreme urges - irritability - and lethargy.
    I also used to have cold showers before nofap (it could be the weather or because my will power is used on nofap.)
    I am craving sugar and carbs. ( same reason as above)
    I also started to avoid personal development videos. ( i would like to believe that i have outgrown most of them)

    The benefits:

    Around day 60 i started feeling very confident & strong.
    Talking to women became effortless. I even exchanged numbers with plenty of women. (something i have never been able to do despite my good looks).
    I have become well aware of the dynamics between genders.
    I have delved very deep into anxiety and understanding sexual energy.
    I have started enjoying soft/classic music.
    I became less fearful and more relaxed.
    I now burst into laughter very easily ( unless I am going through a flatline / lethargy period).
    I have found my life's purpose.

    I am doing another 90 days. (total 180)
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    Thanks for your kind words. I am honored that I am part of this journey, in honesty all the work has come from you and I am glad could help you on this journey mate and appreciate your help as it has worked both ways. Keep up the good work!! Your mate in recovery.
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    nice bro...!
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    Thanks for sharing your great story, gives me motivation to keep pushing! Best of luck on the rest of your journey.
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    That energy and confidence from NoFap is life changing and the sex is great to
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    Great story dude! I hope to experience this too! Keep going.

    Peace out!
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