My first post in support of myself in the Nofap community!

Discussion in 'Accountability Partners' started by Doskater, Sep 13, 2021.

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    Hello everyone! I'm new user into NoFap’s community and this my first post. I am 30 old man. I don't have a permanent income, except for creating music content for the stock. My struggle has been going on since 2019 with variable success. My record 21 or 24 days. I haven't been intimate with a girl since January 2020. I can't build a new relationship because of my sexual behavior.

    I want to reboot using the reddit method. I think it will be the standard 90 days in Hard Mode.

    During the reboot period, I have a goal - to finish the cooperative network game on the RPG maker and improve the profit indicators on the stock. I will also deal with my physical and mental health in order to prevent a relapse and reset.

    My rules, which I must adhere to throughout the entire period of abstinence from PMO:

    1. No watching Porno (includes audio, text, game and more)

    2. No Fantasies about sex, flirt, love.

    3. Don't touch yourself.
    Also I looking for accountability partner. If you want to become one, answer here!
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    Welcome to Nofap. It is perhaps the best place to quit PMO. This site will help you uphold your problem, challenges and success stories. I hope you get response and inspiration from others soon.

    Though I have an AP and I am
    younger than you, but if you feel lonely or want to share your problems, you can connect me through Facebook. Members in this site will understand your problems better than anyone in the world.

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