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  1. Hi, i'm Lorenzo and i'm from Italy, first of all i want to apologize for my english, but i have just started studying it, i'm 22 years old and i'm studying at the university, i'm attending the second year. I want start NoFap program because starting a year ago i realized that the masturbation and the pornography became a problem for me. I started masturbation when i had 11 years old, and at beginning it was a beautiful thing, but when i had 12/13 years old i started to masturbate with porn, and from the beginning, it was not the same thing anymore, before the porn i didn't masturbate more than once a day, but with the porn i started to masturbate also 5/6 times a day, maybe during the weekend when i was alone at home. Whit the porn guilt began in me, after a long session of masturbation i felt dirty, and i was tired for all the next week. Up to 18 years this was not a problem, because the long session masturbation day was rare, at most 3/4 in one year. But starting from 18 my excessive masturbation became a problem, maybe in the christmas holiday i passed 8 days of 15 to porn/masturbation/eat/sleep, and after I didn't feel the me same anymore for a long time. So when i'm 19 i decided to change the situation, and i tried to reduce the masturbation and stopped to watch porn, for one year i did it, i masturbated only 1 time a month without porn, and i failed at most 3 times in all of the year when i watched porn and i masturbated 2 or 3 times in a day. But in this year i felt really good, and full of energy, i started to reading, running, this was the only year in my life which i did the gym workout and was my best school year, i took high vote almost without studying, and when i studied i was very concentrate, i improve my motivation, my willpower and self esteem.

    But starting from the second year (20 to 21), my costancy to NoFap was start to decrease, to take the same vote at school i must studied more time, i quit gym workout, reading and running, i started to felt me more tired. And mostly i started to see the more and more extreme video, because couldn't have the same pleasure with the same video, the situation has deteriorated since the age of 21. When i'm 21 i started university, and at the beginning my motivation is very high, and i used this motivation for stop the masturbation and watching porn video, for the first 3 month it was ok, i felt like I was back like 2 years before, but when started the first exam session, i passed half of my time at studying and other half at watching porn and masturbate, despite this, my academic performance was good until recently. But in this exam session e passed more time to waste my time than studying, the waste time is not necessarily pass to masturabate and watchign porn, but maybe i watching a lot of porn and i masturbate me for 8-10 times for a one day, and for 10 days later i’m very tired, demotivated, and i don’t study, but i surf the web, i sleep, and i waste my time, and after this three days when my energy and motivation is recharge i start to study, but after 2-3 days i do long masturbate session and the cycle restarted. This is my today’s situation, and i want start NoFap (and stop watching porn) for i will feel like when i was 19 years old when i was full of energy, enterprising, motivate, and i was in control of myself, because today i realize i have lost control of myself.

    I’m happy to have shared my experience with you, thanks for reading.
  2. Great step brother.

    Admitting that we are out of control and weak is surely a great step to get started with a complete change of heart and mindset.

    Brother, Masturbation is highly addictive. And our brain is conditioned to watch P for it offers all sorts of novelty. So it's not your fault that you got addicted. It's their nature. They make us feel like a slave. I too had a similar cycle.

    But ask yourself:
    What weaknesses do you feel being a man that you resort to graphic content? How can you face your flaws and start to overcome them? How can you meet your needs in the right manner? What are some big goals and missions you can devote to yourself so you stay busy and don't allow sexual powers to capture your heart? What do you truly want?

    PMO allows us to look at all the varieties of cake ( porn ) and eat them too ( M ) without any sort of efforts and complications.

    I wish you all the best in your journey. Hope to see you active here :)
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  3. Thank you step brother, congratulation for the beautiful words, you offered me a food of thought, especially the comparation of variety of cake with porn.
    Do you hope to see i active here? My answer is yes, a srong yes, i'm too motivate to my journey, especially after i had seen that we are a big family with the same problem, and all of us we want to solve our problem and maybe someone had already solved the problem.
    I wish you only improvements for your present and your future step brother.
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