My First Reboot!

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    Hey guys,

    My name is Will. I'm here to reboot because my PM addiction began to affect my life in a harsh way. I'm 4 years sober off drugs and alcohol and an active member of alcoholics anonymous. I tried SAA (Sex Addicts Anonymous) but it didn't stick. So it is safe to say I can see the red flags more clearly than most. I'm clean and sober but my desire seeking dopamine system is still the same. We say in AA that we do recover, but we are never cured. No matter how much time sober we have, we are still alcoholics, and the ever fleeting fantasy of drinking like a gentleman, is a dubious luxury of ordinary men. Now that's not to say this is true for PM addiction at all. But it might be for me personally, everyone is different.

    I'm on day 2 right now and I'm struggling. I was 10x more productive already. But I'm afraid of the road ahead, my mind has a very convincing and manipulative character when it wants something badly. But you guys really bring me hope. Thanks for having me!
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    Welcome to NoFap, Will! Personally, I believe that pmo addiction is the same as alcoholism: we recover, but we are never cured. Others have differing beliefs and I respect that. Here are some things I found helpful on my journey. I hope you do, too. By the way, I think you'll find your experience with AA can be applicable to this addiction, too. All my best!

    There are a lot of good resources here. There is the List of Resources found here:

    There are also groups you can join with likeminded men.

    Three things I found extremely valuable are:
    -getting an accountability partner; that forum is here:

    -starting a journal and writing in it daily. You'll find that section under Reboot Logs. I would also suggest reading others' journals and other posts.

    -interact with the guys here. You will find an amazing community of supportive, motivating guys all on the same journey as you are.

    You don't have to do this alone. We're all in this together, and together we are stronger.

    Welcome to NoFap, my friend! I'm proud of you for joining and glad you're here.