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My First Success Story

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by Andrew0268, Mar 29, 2016.

  1. Andrew0268

    Andrew0268 Fapstronaut


    I'm so happy to be writing this. I just passed 45 days. Actually, I was at day 46, I didn't even notice day 45 happen.

    I never made it past 35 days before, and now I'm at 45 and continuing. I can't wait to get to 50. 50 days seems monumental to me.

    Now, I will admit I wasn't perfect. I did an MO once and I looked at P on 3 occasions I think... maybe only twice. Long story short, I stumbled a few times, but I never quit and decided to go back. I never threw in the towel. I never caved completely. I feel so great now that I've made it this far. Porn seems to foreign to me now. That's the most surprising thing. I don't really feel drawn to porn in any form for more than a passing few moments. If I look at some youtube video or something, I have about 2-3 minutes before I get bored and think about real women or just something else.

    My love life is.... well.... rough right now (not the good kind of rough). It's not related to quitting PMO. But now that I'm quitting PMO I have time and energy to examine by bad relationship ideas and habits. Man there are a LOT of them. And I have a chance to work on them because I am not constantly distracting myself through eWomen.

    Physically I notice that I am warmer. If I don't ejaculate, I feel like my body produces more heat. I have more energy. I am more focused. I am more determined. I take the time to think about my life and work on a better direction. It's not a night/day difference, but I'm probably about 25% better in general and in almost every way. Yeah, no super powers but maybe 25% better me.

    Maybe those things will improve in time.

    No sexual super powers yet either. I'm still not 100% hard with women, but I have much more confidence than I did. I also can keep it up with a condom on, which wasn't possible before and led to an unpleasant side effect. Some of my ED is due to not doing any cardiovascular exercise I suspect. I spend WAY too much time on my butt. But, I wake up regularly with the morning wood and even had a couple morning woods that were super hard. Not half way, but super hard. So there is improvement even though I'm not at 100% recovery yet.

    Where will I be after another 45 days? Where will I be after another 90 days? I don't know. But, I am more than happy to go there.

    PMO is kind of like that really crappy candy you have when you are a kid. You love it even though it sucks. When you get away from it for a while, you lose your taste for it. Then you move on and don't really think about it. But, don't dare buying it again at the store to try it for old times sake. Porn has too deep of a hook to play with.

    So.... 45 days. Can't wait to add to this post in a few more weeks.
  2. LamontClan1

    LamontClan1 Fapstronaut

    Carry On! You can make it!
  3. philstronaut

    philstronaut Fapstronaut

    Keep it up dude, don't lose momentum!
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  4. Physicist

    Physicist Fapstronaut

    50? You'll reach 100 in no time.
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  5. Shi Li

    Shi Li Fapstronaut

    Keep up buddy!
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  6. Loyal

    Loyal Fapstronaut

    Amazing story, you got this.

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