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    Hello fapstronaut friends, I'm new here, I'm from Venezuela. I do not speak much English so I will do my best .. I had long since entered the page and read some topics but then I forgot the page and did not go back in. Today I decided to register and be a constant and active user like you. I don't know much how this website works in general, little by little I learn.

    I will tell you my most summarized story. I'm 22 years old, the first time I did fap was when I was 12 years old and it was because I was home alone bored. That was when leisure made me masturbate for the first time. From that day on, my addiction began fapping me at least 3 or 4 times a day every day. At 16 I lost my virginity and I remember it as a disaster because when we were finishing having sex I could not maintain an erection, my girlfriend of that time was upset and we didn't see each other again for a while. After we spoke again, I asked for another opportunity to vindicate myself for that failed sexual experience and she accepted. When we had sex again I could have a good performance and she loved it, we did it several more times and everything was going well. At the time I finished because I became someone else's boyfriend, with my new girlfriend at the beginning I was doing well but I secretly kept watching a lot of porn and doing a lot of fap. There came a time that I couldn't keep my erection when I was with her and she got mad but she loved me a lot and we were still together. We last two years and I think that only once or twice could we have sex with my erection to the fullest. Since we finished three years have passed and in that time I have continued to see a lot of porn until a month ago I decided that I had to change my life because I have three years without having a partner and also without having strong erections. A few months ago a friend visited me and when we were going to have sex I couldn't even have an erection from the beginning.

    I imagine that many of you understand what I have been through, it is not easy to be 22 years old and suffer from erectile dysfunction. Since December 16 I decided not to watch more porn or do fap, because I feel that addiction destroyed my sexuality and does not allow me to have a stable partner. For those who downplay the excessive use of porn, I say that the damage is real. Porn is a drug that does not allow you to have a stable life in any way. Fap for several years and several times a day made me depressive, emotionally unstable, all the time I feel tired, and I have no confidence in myself. Well, having 26 days without fap or watching porn makes me feel a little better. My goal is never to do it again and I have started exercising and reading to keep myself distracted. Tell me what you think and if someone wants to be my friend to talk about this from time to time I would appreciate it very much since this kind of thing I do not talk to anyone and makes me feel isolated from the world. regards
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    Your English is excellent.

    PIED, porn induced erectile dysfunction, is real. The best way to overcome this problem is to abstain from porn, from masturbation, and from sex. This is your reset.

    Figure out who you are without porn and what you need and want in life. Porn doesn’t ultimately make you happy. You will grow in respect for yourself and you will also begin really appreciating and respecting women more as well.
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