My first win against PIED

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by TONYP, Aug 26, 2019.

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    A little background, I’m gay and have mostly taken the submissive position because of my PIED.

    At Day 40, I had a date. The date was mediocre, but we had been talking about having sex for a while. After dinner we went to his place, started with foreplay, and was able to perform!!!

    I notice I kept my erection longer. Though it would go down, I could get it back quickly.

    It was amazing.
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  2. ironmaing

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    Congratulations!! Must've felt great!

    I'm still suffering from PIED...I really hope I'm not a long rebooter, my relationship won't last that long :(

    Do you have any tips to recover from PIED?
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    I wouldn't say my PIED is 100% healed, and I don't have any tips or tricks, but I did notice a few things from this experience:

    First, due to my extended break from PMO, I was very aroused and craved physical connection. In the past, I would sometimes be elsewhere in my head or just not that into because I was already using P.

    Second, I didn't maintain a full erection the entire time. In fact I would lose it and get it back. And I would get it back by doing things that aroused me which aroused my partner which aroused me even more.

    Third, and this was the most important observation I noticed, I didn't think too much. Sometimes I'd get so obsessed with thoughts about staying hard that of course I wasn't in the moment, and I'd go limp. This time I was in the moment, and not in my head. I stayed relaxed and confident, and when it was time to perform, I was able to, and it was amazing.

    I think a big problem is that struggling with PIED creates performance anxiety, and sometimes we don't know where one ends and the other begins. If you feel confident you won't relapse, I suggest you do the Simple PIED Test in the Getting Started manual. I think that's a great way of learning if you're suffering from more than just PIED.

    Good luck in your journey!!!
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  4. scjguy

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    I'm sorry to be intrusive, but did you use a condom? If so, any complications?
  5. Asgardian36

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    Good story man! There's hope!!!
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  6. TONYP

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    Not intrusive, that's actually a good question. I did not use one, so whether I would have, or could even now, maintain with one on is uncertain at the moment.
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  7. ironmaing

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    I get it. I used to get horrible anxiety when there was possibility of sex. I had had so many bad experiences. To this day I still feel relieved if there is no possibility of sex. What helped me is to make visualization efforts. See link below. Very powerful to forget bad experiences:

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  8. Anonymous86

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    Just saw this story. How are you now? Congratulations!
  9. Ragell

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    Ya te has mejorado del PIED?
  10. TheJetDude44

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    Does this hypnotherapy stuff really work?? Anyone have any experience with content like this?
  11. edEliminate

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    Hi guys can anybody guide me. i am on day 213 and In very extreme Flatline. i relapsed 3 times at day 200 due to high sex drive and by fantasising. and then i had wet dreams 3 days ago. and now i am not getting erections from last 4 days. I'm in extreme stress. and i feel like my dick and balls are shirink and lifeless.
  12. I can not agree that watching a hypnosis video will necessarily help you. Less stimulation is the key, be content with less... and you will have more. That's my goal at least and it has worked so far.
  13. That's OK! Focus on your life goals bro!
  14. Lost Hope

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    Have you tried any V pills? do they work?

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