My folder (please reply) rly need advice right now

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by Forward Path, Jun 18, 2020.

  1. Forward Path

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    Hello i’m Forward Path, I had this folder for a year to be honest and i relapsed a lot of times by it before. And i will do it again sooner or later i’m gonna open it and lose my streak again. What should i do i don’t wanna lose my folder and i don’t wanna relapse again what should i do i don’t know why i have it but i don’t wanna delete it pls tell me what i should do
  2. Delete it.
  3. Forward Path

    Forward Path Fapstronaut

    I know but its hard i collected it for so long :( i don't know what to do
  4. If you ever want to change, if you ever want true freedom you have to delete it. There’s no other option
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  5. Plusjamais

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    What is this folder anyway ? Get real. You have the opportunity to get a lot better. Delete it and you'll be free.

    Freedom is enhancing spiritually, intellectually, physically and mentally. It's pure, fulfilling happiness.
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  6. LifeIsAmazing

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    I understand why you want to keep this folder. You are probably thinking that some day you could watch P without overusing it, like once a week.

    I can't relate to all people out there, but I can tell from my experience that this will not work. I have been abstaining from PMO for over a year without cheating like sexual fantasies, etc. When I relapsed, it went from one single use to daily use as before I started with NoFap. I had also a different lifestyle when I was on NoFap, and the relapse transformed me to a "lazy bag of s***" that I used to be before I started with NoFap.

    If you have a dream of being free from a addiction, you need to do some unpleasant stuff to achieve that, such as deleting that folder in your case.

    P is a drug. You can do drugs like once a month without getting a substance use disorder, but once you get addicted and being free from the addiction you can't return to the same drug again; because of the likelihood that you will get addicted again.

    If you want a motivation for NoFap:
    P + M is generating a large amount of endorphins that bind to the opioid receptors. The binding to the opioid receptors generate the Euphoria that you get after cumming. Other drugs that bind to the opioid receptors in the same way, are Heroin, Methadone and Morphine. So trying to beat the P + M addiction, is the same as beating a Heroin addiction without the physical withdrawals.

    Good luck with NoFap. You can do it!
  7. Rojas202

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    Delete it bro. Believe me man, if you do not delete it, you'll never reach freedom from porn!
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  8. 7K%>Da$A\#g\8t-%

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    Delete it, it will just bite you in the ass later on trust me!
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  9. tuxy

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  10. verbeek75

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    I actually started deleting my porn today, very hard but I have to. I hope I can keep deleting it every day, but the worst ones are now gone. The last folder/batch I intend to save to a SD card or usb stick and then burn it ceremoniously.
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  11. skullfull7

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    Massive drastic change comes through taking immediate massive action. If you deleted your folder you are officially have started living you dream life instead of dreaming about it and that shall shall empower more than the majority of folks here, and it will always give you confidence for making such a big decision, but make sure after you delete it you follow through with a plan.

    this book will help you in everything you need. Good luck on your new journey :)

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  12. xXsinnerXx

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    I could tell you another solution if you can't take the decision to delete them now. Use winrar to create a password protected archive containing all of your porn videos. You could open notepad and type a long random password like jjfladslfjdsalfdjsjklsljfds.
    Use it to create the archive, then send that password to a friend in a message then delete that message from your side and delete all the videos. At least now you won't relapse to those videos.

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