My foot fetish is destroying me so I want to get rid of it.

Discussion in 'Problematic Sexual Behavior' started by Dioplleo_547, Feb 20, 2021.

  1. Dioplleo_547

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    Hello I am an 18 year old male who is struggling to get rid of my fetish for women's feet.
    I have had this fetish since I was a little boy and this fetish continued throughout my teenage years.
    I thought this fetish was fine except after years of watching pornography this fetish has gotten out of control and I feel extremely perverted for allowing this to happen.
    I started off simply playing with my mother's feet when I was 5 years old, to simply looking at women's bare feet when their shoes were off and not thinking much about it, to Watching feet femdom and humiliation videos on the hub.
    Now I feel like an extreme degenerate and ashamed now for indulging in this fetish.
    I know some of you are probably going to say "I have a foot fetish and I feel okay." "It's natural let me embrace this." I only want to cure my own foot fetish not yours!
    There are many reasons that I want this fetish gone;
    -It's link to BDSM
    -Unhealthy romantic/sex life
    -Most women do not like guys with foot fetishes
    -I feel emasculated simply wanting to indulge in this
    -It's link to many abuse scandals including Quentin Tarantino and Dan Schneider (the guy who created Drake and Josh and I Carly along with other shows for Nickelodeon.)
    -Constant degradation (especially if the feet have fungus and calluses.)
    -It's link to cuckolding (disgusting and sad.)
    -Possible legal trouble
    -Religious reasons
    -Desire for normal and healthy sex and romantic life
    I would also like to convert to Catholicism one day once quarantine ends and the teachings of the Church say sexual practices simply for pleasure are forbidden especially before marriage.
    I would be thrilled to have a wife who is interested in having children one day, so foot fetish would only hinder that because if dudes get a wife while they have a foot fetish, they are often banned from procreating with the wife.
    So if any of you have any advice for for eliminating my foot fetish, I would greatly appreciate it.
  2. TheForsakeen

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    women also go out of their way to make their feet attractive(and visible) so this
    is wrong and foot fetish is the most common fetish on earth.
    you get rid of it by seeing therapist or stop thinking about it(awake or sleeping) and stop looking at it, basically consider it a form of porn also.
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  3. Longtime27

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    Thanks for sharing dude. I understand exactly where you're coming from, and I would agree for me (much older than you) that this fetish has hindered by ability to form meaningful relationships, and to grow spiritually... until now!

    I can't share a secret recipe or remedy, but the advice above is correct really. Therapy will help, abstinence from thinking about it, looking at that part of the body on others, consciously being mindful of its presence in your mind.

    For me, actually living it out has helped. I have had some enjoyable experiences, but it also made me realise that most of my desire was porn-induced, and the thrill is nothing like what the films or your imagination might convince you.

    If you want to chat about it, DM me. In the mean time, even though it is a very common fetish, I think for some people, fetishes can consume their vision and make it hard to function to the best of their ability. Hope this helps brother
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  4. Marigny

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    I see your point.
    I have many fetish (almost about BDSM, femdom) that include foot fetish (the first I had in my childhood).
    Now I try to cover from these fetish because I don’t want them in my life, at the exception of feet fetish that I didn’t see what’s wrong with it.
    But now I slowly understand that I’ll never be fully cure of my fetish if I don’t fight feet fetish, which link me to other fetishs.
    And like you said, it’s still emasculating to indulge in it.

    Everything is in the name « fetish » : it’s a perversion

    i’m truly happy that you want to convert to catholicism. Since one week this is Lent, at the end of Lent we have Easter. And at that time there arr baptisms for adults people.
    Maybe you shall try to see if you can receive the holy baptism this year.

    God bless you
  5. Marigny

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    I’m interested, why do you want to convert to catholicism ?
  6. Freedom_from_PMO

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    I developed my fetish somwhere between age of 5 and 8. I am into scalies (furries, but reptiles). Similarly to your situation it escalated to lots of other wierder fetishs, bdsm stuff, sissy stuff, pegging, petplay, feminization and eventually furry gay porn. I hated having this fetish because I saw is as a reason why I escalated to all those other disgusting things. Now I deescalated back to my original kink, I have some problems with masturbation, but not really with porn. I am able to cope with my wierd attraction now. I don't whink it will go but it is not causing me problems with porn anymore so I can live with that. If you want to completely eradicate natural fetish that developed early you will need help of a proffesional. On your own you can try to deescalate, cut extreme porn generes and see how it goes, depending on how you will feel maybe you will need to seek help or maybe you will be able to control yourself and your attraction will not be causing you problem. I never thought I will be able to cope with my fetish and I have way wierder attraction. But if you will feel that you need to remove it completely I can't give other advice than to visit a proffesional. Anyway deescalating from extreme porn is the first step.

    I am a catholic too. I recommend "Love and resposibility" by John Paul II and "Three to get married" by Fulton Sheen. Especially the first book, it helped me with putting a perspective on my problems with sexuality. Having a sexual attraction is morally neutral, acting on our urges can be wrong, try to focus on your actions and improve them instead of blaming yourself too much for having said fetish. We all have to bear our corsses.
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  7. For_Peace

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    I'm surprised no one in the comments suggested a 90 day nofap on hard mode. This means no PMO for atleast 90 days. Also you can try hypnosis and therapy while on your 90 days. Don't give up and I think the fetish will eventually go away especially if you don't PMO for a very long time. Some people have success with eradicating a fetish when they do a full reboot for 6 months. Remember that it takes time and commitment. If you need help feel free to message me.
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  8. StageDoor

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    I've had a foot fetish for 30 years. I've also had a pantyhose fetish for over 30 years. It was pretty innocent while I was single however I would ogle women's feet in pantyhose and no doubt look like a dirty man. I got married and thought she would just wear them for me because I liked it. She saw pretty quickly it was more of an obsession than a fetish. I would pressure her to wear them and even told her there are plenty of women who wear them that I could look at but I'd prefer to look at her. Not only did I pressure her but gave her an ultimatum because my desire was so bad to see her feet in pantyhose.
    No surprise that I am now single and wish I had got my fetishes under control decades back. Although it can be innocent, it can also get to the point where it ruins future relationships. If a fetish can remain healthy then there may be hope however it can quite easily spiral downhill badly. If I were 18 again I would be doing what I could to remove the attraction.

    Best of luck.
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  9. Master Chips

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    The problem is not with foot fetish as long as it is controlled. But I get you, the big problem is that it may escalate to masochism and to worse BDSM Fetishes if you keep feeding it with Porn materials and fantasies. Some fetishes that you figured since very childhood may remain, but it does not mean you will be obsessed to it or that it will be either the fetish or a normal relationship. Once you avoid PMO, your fetishes and fantasies pathways will weaken by time and you will eventually return to normal. But in case of a fetish that was from before PMO and puberty, it will be eventually controlled as a taste as any other attractive part of the body of the opposite sex.

    I highly recommend you to use affirmations throughout your nofap journey. It will help you to replace the fantasies that you created with true headlines about how a true relationship is supposed to be. This is done by writing a clear statement about the truth that should correct the false conceptions that your fetish is trying to convey to you. Then keep repeating such statements on daily basis while feeling what you repeat.
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  10. Peaceful magic 21

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    I think there will be some underline issues that need working out with a good fetish therapist. Working on the cause rather than the symptoms and understanding where the triggers are coming from will make it a lot easier.
    Find a psychotherapist that works with sexual behaviours.
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  11. Lencho

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    Look at a fetish this way.

    It was a seed and it got planted. It grew a root and you got a fetish, this case a foot fetish. You can water it just enough to keep it alive. You can water it more to grow more roots, or to grow a stronger and deeper root. Or, you can stop watering it and let it die. If the roots have spread too far or too deep, keep in mind that it'll just take longer to die.

    Of course it's not that easy to just stop watering or to just stop using to the fetish. But it's more of an encouragement that it can diminish and once weakened, even plucked.
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  12. I think you're worrying about way too much shit that doesn't matter

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