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  1. everytime i relapsed i regreted it and now i have fetishes which i am disgusted by.

    i always justified my addiction with one more relapse. spoiler its never just one more.

    this addiction is turning me in to something i refuse to become.

    so as of now i am 2 hours in to my journey.

    my fetishes such as femdom, hentai made me hate my self and everytime i want to quit i come back to it of my own free will.

    i know hating my self will not help and i need to forgive my self but it is hard.

    i am doing nofap not for anyone but for my self because i know this is what i want. i want to remove my fetishes as well as porn and fapping from my life.

    for too long i allowed this shit to consume me with a cycle of relapse feeling bad and relapsing more but not anymore.

    and people who started this journey today i hope we can support each other to beat this addiction.

    what i will do is cold showers, video games , eat 3 times a day and exercise.

    (sorry for bad english)
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