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Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by MercenaryKing, Jan 9, 2016.

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    The single most important thing when looking to get into a relationship of any nature is to come from a mindset of abundance, not scarcity. A relationship driven together by a desire for comforting safety in the sense of "we both know we can't do any better, you're the best I can get, let's implicitly restrict each other" is not a healthy relationship. It's coming from a place of fear and scarcity.
    The ideal relationship is one where you're living an abundant life, and you choose them. It comes from a place of freedom, love and choice. Sometimes when people talk about "intimacy" they really mean control, safety and restriction. Open relationships (even with the right person) when experienced in this mindset can seem lacking because we're uncomfortable with the freedom of our partner and don't feel secure in our OWN freedom.
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    Well, I'm glad you finally figured this out, after 5,000 years of recorded human history teaching us the opposite.
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    I love this! This should be it's own thread, it's gone far beyond the scope of my original post
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    great story, inspired me to choose life also, without excuses!
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    Love the story man! It was a great read and very inspirational!

    Hope you make it through and do yourself proud.
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    Man, I'm sorry for my stupid question, but did you and your friend stopped masturbating? This is the worst part for me, everytime I do this I feel my power of change go away.
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    Lol i can tell you he did
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    Cheers buddy! Just remember don't give up, no giving up!
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    Man that was sooo inspiring and uplifting! It was literally the best post I have ever seen on NoFap. I bookmarked it, and keep it up man!
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    wow dude that was inspirational..
    I'm exactly in Alex's shoes right now; wondering if I'll die a lonely virgin in my parents' basement or not.
    You may not realize it but this means a lot bro. Thanks so much!
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    You should seriously consider posting like a monthly or a weekly story, chronicling the life of you and Alex. One of the more subtle things that I really admired about this post in particular was your guys's friendship. This was by far the best post I have ever read on NoFap's forum
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    This is amazing, Ive just read the whole story and Im so motivated right now. Lets keep going bretheren!
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    Lurking fear.....ED. You couldn't put it better than that, ED has obliterated my confidence with women. And I'm excited to reach 90 days+ when I can approach women with zero doubt in my mind that I'm not enough.

    Great story, it sounds like you've got full awareness of the problem and you're on your way
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  15. MercenaryKing

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    I'll be doing an update on the lives of Alex and I soon! A lot has happened for both of us. The spoiler is that I feel more confident, happy and fulfilled than I have for years. And Alex? Well, he's reaching ever-higher levels of awesome.

    Stay strong my brothers. Focus on improvement not perfection. A better life is possible for everyone.
  16. MercenaryKing

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    I hope 2016 has seen development and growth for everyone. My update on Alex and I is going to be done by the anniversary of the post in January and I hope it will really help people in grappling with life, and where NoFap and self-development fit into that picture. This year has been transformative for me. But we've still got a month to go.
    Stay strong brothers. Small steps in the right direction if you feel big leaps are overwhelming at first. Accept temporary discomfort. You're all on my mind and in my heart.
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    I remember reading this post a year ago, and it was quite motivating. Around the same time last year I completed 32 days before relapse, but holy sweet jesus did I feel like a man, and confident as hell. Someone could critique me in whatever fashion and I could deflect it like Teflon. Im excited to hear about what kind of progress you have made, and can't wait to hear the results. Best wishes.
  18. Fapstronaut

    Love it. Keep up the good work.
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    My Journal
    This is definitley one of the best written and inspirational posts here for me! I remember reading this, when i wasn't even a member here, but starting out with my first 'streak'. Now I'm on nearly 100 days PMO free and so much has changed to better for me. I enjoy life. Thanks for sharing this great post and I'm very exited for your anniversary post in January.

    Have a good time. :)
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  20. You got so many ppl hooked on this thread lol what happened since his last post? Find out next time on dragon ball z

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