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Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by MercenaryKing, Jan 9, 2016.

  1. Rey Rey

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    Life is beautiful without this monster that is taking away from us.
    Let's go brother, we shall make it to the end.
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    I will read it later. Putting a comment to keep track...
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    What's your thoughts on social media?
    I actually opted out from all social media because i found myself going down this rabbit hole of negativity, comparing myself to others and just being addicted to the endless scrolling.
    Would love to hear what you think about it.
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  4. it is created to keep you addicted and earn cash on you (ads)
    There are some positives but personally I see this as crazy reality. everyone on Facebook are on holidays, have great bodies, girls, great jobs and everyone are happy. Fake flashy world, but good way to stay in touch with friends you value. Use wisely I could say
    Personally i Use only to stay im touch iwth my girkfiend and to bedzie updated for informations from University Facebook group.
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    Inspiring. Thanks man, good luck on your journey!
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    I can relate to this in many ways. I got into pickup at 17, but like you, I always had the fear of going soft. It happened to me more than once, and was incredibly embarrassing. At 23, a virgin, I said fuck it and started taking via. I didn't even know about PIED at the time, I just thought it was performance anxiety. Via wasn't that great so my first 2 relationships were plagued with ED. On my 3rd relationship, I started taking cia. I had insane amounts of sex for the whole relationship, but it was detached and meaningless. Just sexual pleasure, almost like an escort.

    At 26, I realized that porn had ruined my life, and was the main source of all my problems. By 28, I had finally started to get a grip on it. I blocked everything possible from my phone and laptop, and for the first time, I was going months at a time without watching porn. My life completely surged forward with possibility. It was like I had been dormant this whole time. I got the job of my dreams, bought a house, and started an online business, all within a year, in addition to other goals as well.

    I also had sex for the first time without porn. It was amazing. No cia, just genuine love and connection. It was a completely different experience than I ever experienced with porn. No PMO gave me genuine superpowers, and enabled me to achieve so much success in my life, and I hope to continue this journey for life.

    My journey isn't near complete, but the more I journal, comment, post, and converse on this forum, the more my life is changing for the better. My goal is to reach a 90 day no porn streak by January first. I can't imagine how good I will feel and how much my life will transform by achieving this. I pray to God that I have the strength to achieve this goal. Quitting porn truely is the one goal that can completely transform your life. No lie.
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    tl;dr: my friend and I were lazy, shy porn watchers. He quit and became charismatic, happy, a risk-taker, great with women and fulfilled in life. I'm doing the same now. We all have this potential within us. Go live life![/QUOTE]

    Thanks for sharing, it helps me to keep fighting. Man you describe so well your friend alex, that i want to meet him and become his friend ahaha
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    just read this and the story is so inspiring! well done man :)
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    Extremely inspirational my man! Thank you and congratulations. And ongoing good luck on your journey!
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