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Discussion in 'Loneliness' started by DesRevived, Nov 5, 2019.

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    We used to hang out every weekend last year for events such as a convention. I remembered we all come to an agreement that we rather hang out than just sitting at home playing video games.

    Now, we hardly hang out; they changed. They spend their day playing video games that is not my type till past midnight. For me, video games are getting boring probably due to my getting older and having more responsibilities.

    I've been feeling lonely most of the time not just because I'm the only child but hardly having friends to hang out with. It's likely because of me isolated at home which makes me prone to relapse.
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    I understand what you're going through, because I was more or less been in exactly the same situation as you last year. In my case, it wasn't that my friends' behavior changed, it was a shift in countries. I made lots of friends, but I didn't share their definition of enjoyment.

    I'm also a single child, and to make matters worse, my parents were going through a divorce back then, so I was practically alone all day long till 8pm when my dad would come home from work. We'd literally just eat dinner and then he'd go sleep. This went on for around 4 months.

    Fast-forward (6 months) to today, I've made the following changes in my life:
    1. I forced my parents to make amends. The very concept of that divorce flew out the window.
    2. I'm living abroad studying my field of passion everyday.
    3. I'm meeting new people and observing new cultures.

    Your life is in the palm of your hands. Never let anyone else influence your happiness or sorrow. That's the message i want to impart here. Make isolation the most productive time of your day. It won't last forever.
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  3. you're right! Get new friends. Go to social events and say things like "maybe we could do this..." and slowly let your friend go for a while and if you're lucky he will come back.

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