My girlfriend left me, now I have no one

Discussion in 'Loneliness' started by NewEric, Dec 1, 2018.

  1. NewEric

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    I really love her, but my stupid gross history of habit made me impotence. She gave me some reasons, but I know deep down this is why. Now I’m laying on the empty bed, in a empty house with no one but myself. I feel dead inside...
  2. I'm sorry to hear that friend, but it's clear that she didn't feel the same about you. I understand the pain you feel, it will take time to get over her. Best you can do is focus on improving yourself now, but do not like your porn addled brain convince you by saying, "You know what will cheer you up? Some good old fashioned porn, go ahead whip out junior and have some fun :)."

    You're in a critical state right now and this where a good amount of relapses happen. Stay safe friend, stay strong.
  3. countitjoy5

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    No matter how bad you feel, PMO will only make it worse. Get up on your feet and live your life; quit wallowing around in your self-pity, it will only tempt you to give into sexual sin as a way to self-compensate.
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  4. NewEric

    NewEric Fapstronaut

    Thank you that means a lot to me.
  5. A lot of people have the same issue and a lot of people do have someone laying next to them in bed they wished would leave
  6. Rahab

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    I feel sorry that your girlfriend left you, that really hurts.
    But now ask yourself:
    • Does she help on in your life now?
    • Is there anything in your life, that makes you happy (sport, climbing, wandering etc.)?
    Don't relapse with PMO. I did it too when I had bad times (girlfriend left me, and my grandmother passed away). It didn't change your situation and makes yourself more worse than before.
    Be strong and focus on that, what you enjoy!
  7. Randyman

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    Been there. Wtf still there. Would tell it gets better but I am not sure. Just found this link and realized maybe I should try a different approach. Trying to find my way back.
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  8. Randyman

    Randyman New Fapstronaut

    Not familiar with this kinda thing
    But have to do something. My old way seem to be a dead end
  9. VeganRights

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    Im in a similar situation, its frustrating, but im sure life can and will change some day. We have to do everything we can to improve it though
  10. Fabian7

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    The worst thing you can do is become a victim. Try to forget about it and use this to become the best version of yourself. Start lifting weights, eating healthy and get wiser.
  11. going up

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    reality therapy. get used to it. the price of any addiction is death/jail/insanity. did she get your attention ? good. dont self medicate away lifes ups and downs. do some self attending. be kind and gentle to the place within that feels the pain. we go where we look. so look for the site of wounding. its a nice gift she gave you. bless her heart. : )
  12. TheConqueror

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    This is the perfect time for you to read "The Rational Male".

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