My Greatest Victory Yet

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    I just had to share this with you guys. I hope you read through this so you can get inspired yourself and grasp just how life changing quitting PMO is.

    Yesterday, Thursday night. Long day: school, gym, and errands all around town. Day 4 of current streak, starting to drift into PMO'ing. Started looking at P, M coming shortly afterwards. I remember looking at this video when I am suddenly struck by a revelation. I don't need this. I sat up straight. I don't need this in my life. I closed the incognito window, feeling my urge plummet. I went on YouTube and brought up one of my favorite inspirational videos. Sat down and watched the entire 10 minute thing. I shut down the computer and went to sleep, incredibly satisfied and fulfilled. I remembered for a brief moment- on Valentine's (yesterday), I sent a rose via a school program to that girl. It was anonymous- she already got it that day earlier in class. I decided to tell her on Friday it is me.

    And this wasn't even the end. Today, I went to school as usual (10th grade). I've been studying Tarot cards- and I brought my deck to school. I am friends with most of the class and a plenty of kids from the grade, and as I'm hanging out with a few people, doing their readings, a girl I like invites me and a female friend of hers over to grab a coffee. I also bring a good friend of mine and we walk, talking all the way over. We then sat down with half of the class and everyone wants a reading. By the end of 4th period, everyone from my class wants a reading. People that barely had any communication with me before! I found myself deepening and opening new relationships with every single classmate.

    Then, as the day ended, I remembered: I need to tell that girl I like about the rose. She walks up to me, asking if I wanted to tell her anything. She was dying to know who it was. I, obviously, told her it was me. I felt no fear, no doubt in that moment. And she laughed, her eyes glowing with happiness. She knew it was me. She asked me first, to set up a date. I said yes, of course, and we went on our ways.

    Went to the gym, made lunch, and had a talk with a couple of good friends afterwards in the span of just a few hours- has to be my best day this year. It's 4pm over here as I am typing this.

    This is my most notable NoFap victory so far. Just imagine, if I gave in to the urges. If I've surrendered to my inner desires. I refused to bow down to them. This is just incredible beyond levels I cannot describe. I love this community so much. Thank you guys for being out there for me. I love you all and owe you and NoFap so much.
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    That's awesome man. This is true happiness, happiness that comes from social relationships. You did the right thing when you stopped yourself quickly. You can't know what tomorrow brings, by masturbating you're already making a bad day for yourself. These kind of days help you distance yourself more from the habit and when you're life changes enough, you won't need masturbating anymore.
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    You are young and it's very good that you stop doing this harmful habit and start improving your lives right now. Some people are a little bit older here and regret not having stopped years ago.
    You know how to approach girls better than some much older guys here. This is good.

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