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Discussion in 'Loneliness' started by WestCoast, Nov 9, 2019.

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    Absolutely. For those insecure about their height, look to great fighters who can kick ass even if they are short. Saenchai is a small fellow but no one would call him a manlet to his face.
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    Yeah dude. At my old gym there was a guy who was 5'2, 195 lbs of pure muscle and he could out-lift almost everyone in there. His motivation was being 5'2.
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    Uppercut the tall people in the crotch if they make fun of you. I would.
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    I am 194 centimeters, that is nearly 6'5, and I do not succeed well on the dating scene either. Living in Sweden makes happy intergender relations almost impossible, constant shaming from women and promotion of them in every way all the time. It is like a Matriarcal nightmare.

    There are plenty of example's of shorter men that women find cute: Tom Cruise for instance.

    Height is not a reason, rather an excuse or an preconception that needs to be cast away.
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    So what's going on in Sweden, is it just that the women prefer Tyrone?
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    Not even two days since I have started and I have women reaching out to me that I have forgotten about since high school.

    Coincidence I guess?
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    I am 5'5" and I have a normal BMI. I am struggling like you are and feeling lonely too.
    There is nothing we can do. But we have hope. There are so many cute asian girls, who I would like to date for example vietnamese woman, japanese woman, korean woman, chinese woman, Thai woman, and so on. Your height is okay. Woman who truly loves you shouldn't put there focus on height or money. Unfortunately most woman who want a family do this. And they end suffering alone with these sentences "Where are all these good men left?" So.....
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    You do realize most women are shorter than 5’7”, right? Work on how you see yourself. What do you have to offer, Sensitivity, brains, Talent of some kind, dedication, perseverance, faithfulness, kindness, helpful? Come on Dude, think!
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  10. My mother regrets to have married my dad which was 1.85 m, so at the end most of us discover it's immature to judge guys by height. You just have to be secure. Yesterday a guy about 1.55 m (I'm a tall girl in my country, about 1.65 m) arrived at the store I work in, he was delivering Heineken, obviously he liked me, he present himself and shook my hand. Man that was awesome, if he asks me for a date I would accept. Attitude is the most important.
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  11. do a ritual to make yourself taller. google it and watch youtube videos how to dot it. You're right no one likes a short guy (unless they have money/power/fame) not even other guys.
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    you must be a rare exception then. Every woman i see and know , just gets blown away only from the height of a man.
    For example, there was a gossip section in the news recently, which had the title ''which hollywood actors are really handsome'' and they literally categorise men only by their height. For example the reporter (woman) said: '' you think tom cruise is good looking? think again his only 5.7. think that vince vaughnn is not attractive? well you are wrong he is 6.5 , that's enough to make you see stars'' and other sh... like that. I read a story of a man recently , and he described a very unsettling situation of the most disturbing and rude person i've ever read. So he was in the gym and saw an attractive woman. He started talking to that woman, while their where having a rather short conversation, she put her finger on his upper lip, like we sometmes do in small children, and he said to him: ''ssssss, i don't date shorter men'' .
    And i see this from my friends too. All my tall friends are happily married with children, while all of my shorter friends don't even have a girlfriend. So it's very nice that you happen to be an exception.
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    A ritual? Lol! That smells like a bunch of BS
  14. if you haven't tried it how would you know? maybe the reason why you're struggling is because you are so quick to shut down people who are trying to help you...
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    I think you do not need to complex and everything will be fine

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