My imaginary girlfriend doesn't like my real girlfriend

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    A good help to deal with PMO specially if you are single is meeting women.
    By dealing with real women you will understand what they really are, there is not an article or video that can replace this.
    When you understand what women are all about this will kill any fantasy you have about sex or women because is your imagination that kills you.

    Conclusion: kill the imagination with reality not with imaginary ideas.
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  3. Hi bro, its true but its hard to meet them. I tried tinder for like 2 days and its trash, such a waste of time. I read from others as well that tinder is trash. I already know its not gonna lead anywhere. And most of the girls there are kinda gross or turn off for me: smokers, drinking, weird hair color, nose rings, snap chat filters, single moms, weird bios, too wild. I'm pretty sure almost all of those women are just looking for validation and attention anyway. And everyone is at home cuz of the pandemic...

    My point is you keep saying to meet women, but how? Dating apps? And modern women these days... are undesirable to say the least
  4. That hate will lead you nowhere, you fight hate with love. If you have such negative view of women they sense this you attract what you think, if you are negative then is all you see and attract. Be positive and that way you will attract quality girls on real life, dating apps, gym...

    Stop the hate bro, there are wonderful women focus on that.
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  5. @goodnice 2.0 my friend imagine a girl who thinks all men are crap, cheaters and simply bad people, you could even sense this negativity in her picture and when she talks even more, I will not even dare to speak with such a woman.

    If you continue to fill your mind with this negative view on girls your energy will show it and also somehow you will speak with a misogynistic tone whereas you want it or not and no girl will want to talk to you.

    You already know there are bad girls, it's the search for the good girl that counts. It could take time but focus on the good.
  6. There’s definitely a lot of cheating and fornicating out there, far more than fidelity. For every whoring woman is a whoring man. In fact if I had to guess I would say men drive the cheating and a lot of women are receptive to it.

    So that just leaves finding the right man or woman and being a good one yourself
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    True , the main raison a relapsed after 105 days of no PMO , is that i didn't act when it came to meeting women , i had the desire but not the courage. the feeling of loneliness grew too much and lead to a long streak of relapses.
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