My improvements over the course of 55 days

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    Hello everybody, thank you all for reading my succes story. My nofap journey started about two months ago. I had plans to stop watching porn for the rest of my life, starting at january 1. I did some research and then i found out about the nofap community. I decided that not only will i stop watching porn, i will also stop masturbating for at least 90 days.

    Ive masturbated since i was like 11, and im 15 now so for about 4 years. In the beginning i didnt watch any porn, but after a while i was looking at instagram models and looking up on google "sexy girls". The first time i watched porn, i was about 12 or 13 years old, and it was just vanilla stuff, but after a while it escalated to the more hardcore porn. I also tried hentai a couple times and since i have an oculus rift i tried some vrporn stuff as well. I also massaged my prostate. At that moment i masturbated about 3 to 4 times a week. These masturbation sessions where like 2 minutes at the beginning, but after a while they took like 30-45 minutes, and always under the shower. So in short, before nofap i was an average masturbator, nothing too extreme, but definately addicted.

    My social life was pretty bad as well. I do have a friend group for like 4 years, but they didnt invite me to many activities. I would see snapchat stories of them having fun and that really sucked.

    But since i started nofap, i feel happier. I also started meditating, but im struggling to keep a constant schedule. Also i started taking a cold shower every morning. Here in the Netherlands thats about 10°C or 50 °F, and about three weeks ago i started reading How to make friends and influence people. I highly recommend you read this book.

    These are the benefits i'm experiencing(keep in mind this could be placebo):
    I feel happier
    I feel less tired
    I am socialising more (as im typing this the friend group im in are making plans and they are including me, and i feel like without nofap i never could have approached them about my problems
    Less anxiety
    Consistent sleeping schedule
    Less brainfog

    In short, nofap is really good for me.
    But now im asking you for advice. Im on holiday in Austria, and i feel happier than ever. I feel like im back on track, both socially and mentally. Is it still necessairy to still participate in nofap, even though i have 35 days left until the 90 day mark. Should i keep going, should i stop?
    Thanks you for reading my successtories,
    -A fellow fapstronaut
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    I think you already know the answer to that and you're looking for reassurance. Why on earth should you go back to a harmful activity just because you're in Austria? If you go back to PMO, you will go back to feeling the way you felt before. If you want to keep the benefits, you have to stay quit.
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    Congratulations, 55 Days is very good, you are doing well.

    But you are not cured. (Nobody gets "cured" in 90 days.)
    Most people would need to stay on -- with daily check-ins -- for about a year.
    After a year, maybe you can progress to weekly check ins?

    (FYI -- For your information) -- Also have you heard the term "too much information"?
    This happens when someone gives too many details (sexual) about past sexual behavior.
    Too many details can cause others to mess up their winning streak -- and go and do the same bad sexual behavior.

    Continued Success to You :)
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    Glad to hear you managed to go so far in the reboot at that age. Unfortunately I needed 10 more years to find out what is going on...

    But you did a good job, just keep going.

    How to make friends and influence people, is great book, everyone should read it, but also you have to read Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talking
    Book by Susan Cain

    Good luck mate!

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