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Discussion in 'New to NoFap' started by Joshua The Christian, Mar 23, 2017.

  1. Joshua The Christian

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    Hey everyone! I'm new here, I've been posting on a few topics the last few days as well as stating a journal in the 20-24 ground (please go check it out).
    I'm glad a site like this is available for us and I hope to make a lot of new friends and accountability partners because I'll need them to help with this journey!
    If anyone has any questions for me feel free to ask. I'm really looking forward to diving into recovery with this website and group of people as a tool to fall back on combined with my faith in God's help!
  2. Hi, Joshua! Welcome to NoFap. It sounds like you are already becoming a valuable asset here.
    If you haven't already, I recommend joining the Christian group. Because of NoFap, I have completely surrendered myself to God and wish to serve only Him now, amen!

    Good luck on your journey and God Bless!
  3. D . J .

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    Welcome to NoFap where you are amongst friends who are here to encourage you and sometimes challenge you but not judge you.

    How are you progressing today?

    What are your current strategies for combating the enemy called PMO?

    Would you please paste a link to your journal here so we may easily find you?

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