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Would you like to talk about your story sometime and exchange goals?

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  1. toxickwaste

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    Hey, i’m Hunter. This intro may be long, or short. but it’s full of my honest feelings. i want to meet as many of you guys as possible, and interact on the road to recovery that we all love.

    I’m 16. young, right? I probably discovered porn around the age of 13? I wasnt addicted at first. i went from relapsing once a week to relapsing 3 times a day, i didn’t even know what relapsing was. but, i’m back on the grind.

    I recently went 48 days. my longest streak! you’re probably wondering why i just made an account now. i don’t blame you. i wish i had done so sooner. however, i’ve been on this community many times, scouting and seeing what’s offered. i relapsed today, and said it was the last damn straw. binging isn’t fun.

    i know quite a bit about abstinence, for being a ‘rookie’ here. i’m somewhat mature for my age. i’ll summarize a few more things.

    hobbies include working out, making music, reading, meditation, and others. i wanna become more spiritual and find myself, and no more P is the way to go. let’s do it.

    I read all the guidelines and such when officially joining the roster today. i’d love to possibly join a group or find an accountability partner? (i believe that’s what it’s called.) don’t be shocked to see me showing up in the forums. PLEASE don’t be afraid to contact me either. i will always be respectful and honestly i would love to talk to some of you and learn from the best.

    There’s probably more i could say, hobbies wise, etc. but i’m eager to learn, give advice, communicate, and start this challenge. let’s keep our heads up guys. if you ever need anything i’m always willing to offer. the panic button is obviously much better.

    Nonetheless! i hope you guys welcome me, i hope as a community of rebooters we can kick the ass of our struggles and pull though. much love. :)
  2. CTRL + DEL

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    Welcome to nofap.

    I'm glad to see you join the community

    Congratulations on taking the first step to a better life.

    You've made the right choice, but there will come times when it won't seem so. Those times will test you and put you through a lot of grief. In those times, have a look at Relapse and Reset Reports section and remind yourself of the grief this habit can bring.

    There will also come times when you doubt your cause and second guess yourself. In those times, try exploring the Success Stories Section to see where the nofap challenge can lead people.

    Finally, there will come times when you feel like you just don't have it in you. In those times, look at yourself in a mirror and tell yourself you can do it.
    Because you can.

    It definitely isn't an easy journey, but it sure as hell is a beautiful one.

    If you want to delve deeper into the specifics of nofap and understand how exactly it improves your life, take a look at and read the introduction there. The biology of this addiction is very well decomposed on that website.

    You are not alone in this journey. The entire community is here to support you and help you grow.

    On the rare occassion that you meet unfriendly people, please report them and don't engage them in arguments. Our moderators work very hard to keep this place positive and will respond at their earliest convenience.

    This message isn't automated, so feel free to reply if there's anything else you want answered

    Just remember why you joined this forum. Never forget your cause; it is your strongest weapon in this fight.

    Be brave ♡
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  3. toxickwaste

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    thank you, this meant a lot. that link you gave me is the one i’ve seen so much. it’s obviously helpful , i appreciate the warm welcome.
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  4. Hello and welcome! :)

    We are glad to have you as a part of our community. Here are some quick links to get you started.

    Getting Started Guide | How to Use the NoFap Forums | Panic Button |Day Counter | Rebooting Resources|Forum Rules | Glossary

    If you wish to keep a journal of your progress you can do so in the appropriate section found here

    There are plenty of wonderful, friendly and knowledgeable people here to help you along on your journey to a life free of PMO. I wish you nothing but the best!
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  5. Heyyy welcome to the NoFap forum : ) It's nice to see you here fighting the good fight alongside us!

    I strongly advise you to be active on your profile; start by choosing an avatar and then make daily posts to show you're active and needing support/encouragement. They've got a neat little feature that shows freshly posted statuses for all users to see. People will find your profile and give you
    You should also highly consider creating a public journal (in the appropriate sectionfor you ) and write about your days in more depth for us members to follow along on your journey!

    ★ People love to communicate in the profiles section and also the journal section. We need more supportive people though, we could always use your help and in return receive some as well!

    Last but not least: Good luck on your journey here, make sure to really give it a try with all your heart!
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