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  1. First Day

    Good evening all handsomes and beautifuls.:)

    I have relapsed lots of time through this NoFap journey that I can't count with my fingers. Again, I started my streak today and I decided to post my daily improvements in this journal, as it will help me to move with an energy. I never gone for even 7 days. All the time when I tried, it just ended with tears. My maximum was 5 days. Now, my goal is to reach the golden 90 days. I wish to have your full support and prayers with me throughout my journey to success. Good luck.
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  2. Relapsed and started!

    Good evening, every handsome and beautiful. :)
    I relapsed on the day itself I started my streak. Feels very fatigue today and having pain in my eyes. Anyway, I started my streak today. Hoping for good days to come.
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  4. Thank you very much my friend. Great post! Now I'm 29 and I found out porn at 13. I am struggling to get rid of this "apocalypto" for these long years, but nothing succeeded. Now I'm in NoFap and with more supportive people like you, I'm sure that I will win this race. Thanks for your support. Please pray for me. I'll always be with you all. We can do this together. Good luck. :)
  5. Relapsed again

    Relapsing again and again at Day 1 itself. I don't know what is happening. Started again today. Time to go for more serious decisions, more motivational stories, and good strategies. Good luck.
  6. Day 2

    Going smooth, just some small urges at night.

    Good luck
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  7. Day 3

    Reading this quote again and again today:

    "Life is not fair on anybody! Life's unfairness does not give you license to walk the wrong path"
  8. Gone with the wind!

    Sorry to say, but I relapsed now. Starting new streak from tomorrow. Please pray for me to get some willpower. :(
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  10. Thanks bro. It's time to pull my socks!
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    Hey Brother , firstly know your weakness, your triggers and whole plot of the relapse . Then , you should start and I am sure you will go long. Be determined to your goal. Remember P industry is earning from you and they are leaving you behind in dark. What are you getting from them ?? Nothing. Keep one thing on mind , they are not worth of you , you are not going back to them.
    Come on Brother , You can do it. :)
  12. Yes brother, sure. And thank you for your motivating words. We can do it together. Let's do it! :)
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    Yes,Brother. Post daily on this forum to remain motivated and share everything you feel so that We all can relate and defeat PMO .

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