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    I have tried a couple of times of making a journal or diary but it never worked out. But here I am trying again after what seems like the millionth relapse. Not only that but the past week I have been struggling with procrastination of my studies and I feel like shit because I think I bombed a test in the same week. So here I am once again trying to regain my composure. To recalibrate myself in order to be the best version that I KNOW that I can be. I will start with making today December 16 of 2018 my start date along with typing my main reason or "Why Statement".

    Why Statement: The reason why I want to quit this addiction is because for so long my life has been drowning in Chaos and I think it quite some time for Order to be brought back into my life. I realize now that no one else will save me from this addiction except for myself and to do so will be one of, if not, the greatest achievements of my life as I will be finally taking control of my body and mind after being a slave to this addiction for 6 or more years. Quitting this addiction will give me a second chance at my life, almost like being reborn and it starts today. I hope to one day be able to look back at this point in time and thank myself for committing to this forum and this lifestyle because I have no doubt that this will be very difficult considering that I have yet to pass a week without PMOing but by sticking to good habit like sleeping 8+ hours a night and exercising daily, I KNOW I can make something great out of my life, God Willing.

    I will try to post daily even if its simply just once sentence but if I don't, then I hope someone calls me out on this.

    Thanks for reading to this cheesy post but it definitely helped clear my mind of negativity.

    Day 0: Let's get this bread

    December 18, 2018:
    Relapsed this morning but still going strong, I definitely feel more confident overall in my capabilities so now I gotta keep myself busy with my studies and habits
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