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    Okay, so for the past few days I really enjoyed reflecting more about my life, and posting daily updates through my journal. I believe, what I like about NF, is that it provides me with a supportive community while letting me keep my anonymity at the same time. I noticed being held accountable helps me be more responsible and better stick with my goals. It makes me feel like I am part of something bigger, and it makes me wanna be a good example/model for the rest of the community here.

    So I decided to expand on my previous journal, and add another one about my journey through self actualization. I got inspired by a video made by Leo (who also has a lot of content on sexual well-being).

    Although I consider myself relatively self accomplished, it made me realize just how much I was missing on my true potential/becoming the best version of my-self. So I decided to give it a go. But not like every other time, where I get hyper motivated in the beginning and then start losing interest for the next couple days. I decided to be a bit more systematic, about this, and since I was having progress with my previous journal, I will be setting up a few simple rules for myself and updating my progress in here. I've been trying to keep a private journal in the past, however I think I will be more consistent and thoughtful with a public one. Unfortunately, this would mean that I would leave out some of the details, and be somewhat vague on purpose.
    However, I plan to make some very clear rules for myself, and post my daily progress in here for at least 7 days, at least every other day for the next month, and once a week for the next year.

    Some of the challenges I will be taking over:
    (a) Taking cold showers everyday.
    (b) Going to sleep before 2 am (for now).
    (c) Shutting off my internet/electronics 30 min before sleep.
    (d) Meditating/planning my day for >10 min every morning.
    (e) Doing at least 3 things from my daily to do list.
    (f) Have at least 3 daily 1.5h uninterrupted session where I do productive work.
    (g) Posting an update here before sleep.
    (h) Waking up early in the mornings(TBDL).
    (i) Limiting my social media use(TBDL).
    (j) Exercising at least twice a week(TBDL).
    (k) Spending more time educating myself(TBDL).
    (l) Updating this list with more relevant rules as I deem necessary to improve myself.
    *TBDL = to be defined latter. Some of those rules are abstract, so I will have to make them more clear over time.

    Lets see how this will go.
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  2. ola501

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    Today I didn’t keep my promise, and didn’t go to sleep before the preset time. In order to keep on my promises, starting tomorrow I am gonna set a timer that automatically shots down my laptop past 2am.
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    Good list, but you should prioritize sleep, it is very important for literally everything.
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  4. ola501

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    Today was better, but still not good enough. Need to post a longer update and reflect about my progress when I have a bit more time.
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    What? :eek:

    You gotta be exercising at least 3 times a week, you'll never be self-actualized without regular physical activity.
  6. ola501

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    Really busy, made improvements but not enough. Tomorrow should post a longer post reflecting about everything so far.
  7. ola501

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    Again, really busy day. Seems like I am always tired towards the evenings. Perhaps I should start updating this in the mornings.
    The day was somewhat productive, however not as efficient as I would like it to do.
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    Past few days have been fine, I did a lot of work but not as productive as I wished them to be. What bothers me tho, is that the past few days felt like I was in a rat race. To much running and to little thinking about the general direction I was taking. I didn't stay true to my promises to write a thoughtful update in here. So from now on (g) will be updated with at least a 10 min and 200 words reflection at the end of the day. Since I always get tired by the end of the day, I will probably have to write an update in the morning with my plans for the day, with a very clear definition of the things I will be doing and a daily schedule. Growth requires daily commitment and effort.
    I will take the following approach, my day will be divided in 7 intervals each 2 hours: 8am-10am-12pm-2pm-4pm-6pm-8pm-10pm.
    Until I fix my sleeping habit 8am-10am will be replaced with 10pm-12am.
    For each interval I will be allowed a 10 min rest (70 min total). In addition, some of the time will be spent on lunch/breakfast/dinner time, and travel/transportation time. For the rest of time I will have very clear task that has to be done during each interval. At the end of the day I am expected to report on how each interval went and how much was accomplished.
    However since I wanna keep my daily schedule somewhat private, I will just report on my level of completion during each interval.
    Tomorrow is an important day!

    Day 1: Percentage completion(to be updated)
  9. ola501

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    Hey Guys,

    Quick update. I had somewhat of a mixed period of productivity and procrastination. And right now here I am tired at the end of the day and highly unsatisfied with my progress so far. Although progress takes time, I feel embarrassed to recognize that I mostly failed in my first try. I have to spend more time in understanding myself, my behavior and hacking it. I have a few important days coming up, and this are the things I should focus on. Understanding myself, and making sure I stay true to my promises.

    Good luck to everyone in achieving your goals. This isn't easy and I am proud of all of you.
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  10. ola501

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    Today was better. Really good improvement, however not enough. I started exploring various note taking apps/software, as I realize it would be tremendously helpful to put my thoughts/ideas on a paper. Revisit them, reflect upon them and revise them.
    I've been telling myself multiple times "next time I will start doing that", "or next time I will control that", and guess what it never happened. My brain just loves forgetting about the promises I made myself, and always falls through the same traps. That is why I have to write everything down, and revisit it from time to time.

    I also plan to start experimenting this week with pomodoro sessions, disconnecting from the outside world and just working with one task at a time, and will report here on the results.

    I am also somewhat looking for a mentor, or a place like NF, but specifically where people are journaling about their journey through self-actualization, time management, organization, continuous improvement and long term goals. Please pitch in or message me if you know of a place like that.

    I also have to get more thoughtful and reflective about my time and my life. There are so many things one could do, if only he could focus 1 task at a time and work on it 100%.

    I've been reading about a few note taking apps, like Evernote, Google keep, and in particular Notion. Anyone has particular experience with any of these, in particular Notion, or how they approach note taking and staying organized in general? Feel free to pitch in. Would love to hear how other people are approaching this.

  11. ola501

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    Busy day, but also productive. Had some good 5h pomodoro session. Got a bit lazy towards the end. Have to get back at this tomorrow.

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