My Journey to NoFap

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Do you have/had consensual non-consent fantasies?

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  1. Dear All,

    This is my journey to Nofap, it's not going to be a story about knights and dragons but a concise tale of my experiences for committing to NoFap.

    I first started viewing pornography around age of 11 - 12. First was softcore pictures, later was videos. At first it was women, then it was men.

    My frequency averaged about once per day, before I go to sleep. This carried on till around 2012 - 2013 when I first discovered NoFap, via reddit I committed to 30 days. There was no magic for me.

    Therefore I carried on about once per day PMO. Since around 2012, I felt bored with the websites that I had been using. I found Tumblr and various other online hosting sites including erotica.

    For me, it meant a release of emotions which I had no other ways of releasing, and curing boredom. During this time I slowly developed a BDSM kink including consensual non-consent fantasies.

    *sometimes more POM per day during weekends or holidays.

    I am no psychologist nor do I pretend to be. The reasons for me and others PMO is a subject research and debate. One major sticking issue is that some research relies on self-reporting mechanisms and selected samples. The accuracy and the levels of details of which are somewhat grey. This is perhaps prevalent of human nature, matters of sex and sexuality are not shared publicly and cause embarrassment.

    I don't feel PMO is intrusive to my daily life, or indeed the lives of anyone else. But as a habit it could be worth stopping.

    I feel it's time for me to commit to NoFap again.

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    I'm sorry no one welcomed you sooner. If you're still around, and if I can help, let me know. I sure know what Tumblr was like as an addiction!

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