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My Life, I have become a greater version of myself in just 10 days...

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by ITDOUCHEMIKE, May 4, 2015.


    ITDOUCHEMIKE Fapstronaut

    Well for the first time in my life I have successfully achieved orgasm inside a woman, that woman is my understanding amazing girlfriend.... My life has been ruled by my PMO addiction, from which I used to seek comfort from a really young age (7). To some this may sound ridiculous, but being in a kids home surrounded by older people, I was naturally introduced to porn. From then on I experimented until I found the method which got me off every time. The method which has ruined everything....

    Occasionally I would stop masturbating for 1 - 2 weeks, but still viewed porn regularly.... If only I knew then!

    My NoFap endeavour started when my girlfriend of 7 months began to realise there was an issue when we first started having sex, I couldn't orgasm inside her, this made me feel worthless and deflated after every sexual experience... Not to sound self-centered, but I can assure you she had a good time, and after months of pleasing her, we both felt like I was destined to be dysfunctional. This journey is something I've needed to embark on for a long time, no PORN, MASTURBATION and then ORGASM! This has single handedly ;), ruined my sex life. However after 10 days of doing NoFap I finally came inside a women... Within 10 days my life has changed! I realise it's only 10 days, but I know this is still ongoing and I'm going to abstain from PMO'ing for the rest of my days, f*ck relapsing I feel so alive and so complete! NoFap WORKS, I promise you that! Peace out!

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