My life stopped 2 years ago...

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    One day it happened, at age 22, I went soft while masturbating. Literally game over.
    Shit happens I thought and made nothing out of it. Little did I know that 2 years later this mess would still haunt me every second of the day.

    Since then, my life became a hell. I was changing my life, going out more, dressing better, in short, I was ready to find a girl... That is now out of the question as long as this problem persists. I am still a virgin and it seems that it will stay that way I guess.
    When I girl approaches me in the club or becomes too friendly, I run away quickly or block everything.

    From that day till now my symptoms are as follow:

    - No spontaneous erections
    - No libido
    - No morning wood
    - Cold shriveled penis when standing
    - Can get somewhat erect while laying down, but not for long
    - When standing it is impossible to get erect
    - When standing I lose my somewhat erection from the laying down position immediately
    - Porn doesn't do anything
    - Shrivel and coldness goes away when laying down
    - No shrivel and coldness when waking up
    - Extreme shrivel and coldness when going to the toilet for number 2
    - Masturbating and orgasming almost limp

    I went to the doctor for a blood test, got checked for different stuff, but I'm healthy as a fish. Urologist found nothing either. Would've been better if they found some incurable disease or something, at least it would have a clear cause then.

    On a really good day, I can hold and erection for 15-20 mins while laying down, but that is very very rare. Morning wood is there maybe once a month, but fades quickly when standing up.

    --> This gives me a little bit of hope somewhat.

    I quit watching porn a few months ago, masturbating went from doing it daily to 1x every 2 weeks.

    I am trying some pelvic floor exercises now, because the pelvic theory makes sense if I look around on the web. I think I have read every ED post on the web right now at this point lol.

    Recently, this problem became very hard to live with, dark thoughts are entering my mind constantly, and I recently shed the first real tear. My mind is flooded every day with 'non functioning dick'. I don't know why I still go to work everyday, because there is no future left for me in this condition.

    Today was the most depressing day so far since this happened, haven't eaten all day from sadness. Nobody knows about my problems and I wear a mask everyday around family or co-workers. I the weekend I drink more and more when going out also, because at least I can forget it for a few hours. :(

    I just had to write if off I guess… Thanks for reading, and if there are people with the same problems, feel free to leave a post, I am not leaving anytime soon. ;)
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    Hey brother!
    I don't know the solution to your problem... Hell, I am suffering from PE problems and I don't have a solution to my problems.
    But hey, life isn't only about sex. You can still do wonders in other areas of your life.
    Take up a challenge, learn something new. Just put in the work and remove all the thoughts regarding your sexual problems.
    I am not saying be as you are, give up on your ED problems. What I am saying is you are being too hard on yourself. You have time. You can figure it out. DON'T EVER LOSE HOPE. Go to every doctor you can. Read every article on the internet. You are not alone. There are many guys out there who have the same problems. And there are many out there who have solved the same problems.
    What it will take is finding the one doctor who knows the right treatment for you, reading one article that will clear everything for you.
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  3. You are taking your dick way too seriously. I would probably be that worried if it had my lungs not working right or something..
    Are you a part of the dick or is the dick a part of you ?
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    My man!
    You are fucking right.
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  5. C.HNF

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    Man, you yourself said that you were already seeing some encouraging signs (e.g. maintaining erection and morning wood). Carry on and never ever neglect your diet man; diet is key! and NEVER EVER drink alcohol.
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    Same situation for 3 years

    I have a girlfriend, but sex is a mess for both of us. She's perfectly healthy but I always drown when she have orgasm. I think better alone ... I do not feel good about anything unless I can make she happy.
    I hope it's out of this shit, if not our life has gone ...
    I want to encourage you, but I've been STOP PMO for 3 years and nothing has changed.
    I have pretty much the same symptoms as you do not react much to anything, even with vgra softens many times.
    I talked to a teacher of tantra she claims to cure me, I'm curious to try I do not have many options.
    If I can make a recommendation ... do not masturbate if it's soft, you tighten these flawed reflexes do more harm, try to abstain from orgasms as long as you can ,when you masturbateand focus your feelings in your dick, without fantasy just feeling.
    Try so for a few months maybe something can change.
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    Post was pretty dark looking back but that was a bad day. Been feeling better since, mentally ofc.

    I am a part of the dick since all this happened indeed... lol.

    Yeah there are some improvements now and then.

    I plan on going to another doctor in a few months if there are no more improvements, don’t know why, because it’s a mess for 2 years already, but a man only can hope.

    Needing expensive ED meds for the rest of my life is the last thing I want.
  8. -GameOver-

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    That is not very encouraging indeed.
    I don’t even want to think about sex in this state. I can imagine it destroys you.

    Masturbating used to be a pleasurable event, but now it’s always with a sad feeling so I don’t do it that often anymore. It’s a time full of worries instead of pleasure.
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    I'm with you with everything you said, -game over-. Totally understand and feel the same. One thing I have noticed is that the first 2-4 weeks are worst. I'm mentally weak and easily irritated. Flatlining makes it worse. I've started on my third week now. I'm going to use the spring with warmer and lighter days to help me reach my goals :)
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