My Mastrubation issue has increased!!!!

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by :)-keepsmiling, Jun 26, 2020.

  1. :)-keepsmiling

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    Hey there friends,
    I have been relapsing every 2 days not with porn but mastrubation. Now a days Mastrubation has become my issue which i am not able to stop. I feel porn a littlle boring in front for mastrubation. So i am not able to increase my streaks. I need some tips to cope up with this.
    Please help.
    Thanks for reading.
  2. Awedouble

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    How are you spending your time during the day? Without more information it is impossible to be specific to give you specific tips.

    In another thread I mentioned the idea of writing down what you do every hour for a while to track that. If you take 5 seconds, and it's 16 waking hours, it takes only 80 seconds of your time per day.
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  3. Yoyo xx

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    When you have un urge just change you position escape frim everything triggers you and sit with someone as your family and you have to substitute your thoughts begin thinking about any other thing and start doing any activity which consumes focus and energy
    And also you can pray
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  4. DyingStar

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    I haven't really dealt with the issues of excessive masturbation alone. It's always been in conjunction with porn. I think it's really a matter of using whatever methods possible, that are safe of course, to abstain from it for a certain period of time, then the cravings will decrease. Be it meditation, journaling, watching NoFap videos, investing more in your hobbies or just need to get your mind off of masturbating and let your brain readjust. It will become a lot more manageable that way
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  5. qwertyy

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    Did you try push ups when you have an urge, works for me most of the time, but sometimes it's not enough not gonna lie, you need a strong mindset to resist some urges, it's hard don't expect it to be easy if you want to get rid of that addiction.

    Something that helps a lot, don't see urges as something very stressful and depressing like I used to do, it's a victory everytime you resist one your brain is healing , embrace the pain and you will succeed
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