my mind is a slave to my body. Help. please

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  1. Before joining NoFap, I was already trying to fix myself but I couldn't. I have been on NoFap for 3 days but I have had to reset my counter twice. There is nothing wrong with the panic button or all of the resources that state the reasons why I should resist the urges but controlling myself is proving very difficult for me. I understand that joining this website doesn't magically solve my problem in days but I need you guys to help me.

    I do not have a pornography issue. I have a fapping problem. I've touched myself every night for years and it has become a force of habit. I sometimes find myself unconsciously doing it! I feel like I cannot fall asleep without cumming and I feel disgusted by myself whenever I fall asleep.

    When I am horny, I forget about erectile disfunction and all of the other consequences of not fapping and after I cum I regret my life. I have tried reading books, meditating and excercising more in the day but the urge still comes back. I try and fail and try again but I always end up doing it again.

    I don't have a girlfriend and I have not told my parents about my problem. Please help me. I feel this is one of the only places I can seek help from

    If anyone feels they have faced the problems I have, please reply and give me advice in full detail. I don't want to be stuck in this pit much longer. Thank you
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  2. Hamza Ji

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    Keep yourself busy or simply get a cold shower that time. Becouse its now become your habit so you should keep your body and mind busy in any useful task.
    Also avoid eating spicy food.
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    Hey man this is brutal but it works like magic to get me to do ANYTHING I want to but am too scared to do. It's fair if you dont want to use it, but I'll share and if it doesn't help you it may help someone else.

    What I do if I am too nervous or scared to talk to someone, being lazy and procrastinating, bumming around, or begin to get urges at night (which I have had every night as well): I say to myself with conviction " My aunt/mom/sister/grandmother/etc. (insert name here) will die if I do/ do not _________ (if I touch myself, if I dont talk to this girl RIGHT NOW, go to the gym right away, finish this set, etc). And the trick is to REALLY BELIEVE IT and put some effort and conviction into it. I haven't failed yet.

    It may seem extreme, but all is fair in love and war, and what we are doing is a combination of both. Use whatever weapons you have to crush the enemy completely: some other weapons of mine are intermittent fasting, keto, and (the nuke) modafinil/piracetam.
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