My mind is broken. Maybe Nofap helps.

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by Kulturu, Apr 17, 2022.

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    so I am 25 years old and addicted to porn. Mostly Incest- Doujinshis from a common hentai webside. But last night I realised that I have a problem. I looked at some Lolli Porn (Hentai with females who are looking like children) and at the buttom of the porn was a text from another user telling that he is going to kill himself because he was in a dark place because of porn.
    I do not want to be in this place. I am scared from this shit. I need to quit.

    But it is difficult. So maybe it can help to post daily updates on this webside.

    If you have a advice to quit this kind of crap I would be thankfull.
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  2. I'm happy that you realized that you don't want to end up in that dark place. My advice would be to go with small goals first. For example, try 1 day without porn. Then try two days. Then try avoiding porn for 3 days straight.
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    It is true that sex addiction can lead you to a very dark place, but don't worry, you have realized this problem before it's too late, so now you can start doing something about it. I would share a few things that worked for me:
    • Plan your day with timetable, in the morning, write down 2~3 tasks that you must finish today. (there's no need to be a perfectionist, just try your best to stick to it)
    • Meditation (I use the Seven-point meditation posture, and do it right after getting up before I get off my bed every morning)
    • Write a short passage to repent for your past mistakes, and write a few words on why you want to go NoFap. Read it every morning to remind yourself what kind of person you want to become.
    • Don't forget about NoFap, study NoFap materials / visit this forum every single day, make it a habit. (If you are not motivated on that day, just spend 10 minutes, don't push yourself too hard)
    It is not easy to go NoFap, it takes time and dedication, but I can guarantee it would be worth it.

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