My mom caught my fappin "for the second time"

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by Syd.dio, Sep 5, 2021.

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    So basically im a teenager and first time i masturbate was like one or one and half year ago thought it was rly bad thing made me scared asf but two weeks later and i did it again anyway one time i started doing it daily so hard for like 2 months and then i decided to stop and here comes the problem ! I cant stop even its getting wrost and i start doing it twice and more every day i even started noticing that my eyes kinda hurts me my back hurts me my arms, basically weakness until one time mom caught me watching porn fappin i told her it wont happen again but like always, I CANT STOP AND ITS GETTING WORST and today mom caught me AGAIN and it rly feels bad so i wanna know how to stop without coming back for real like i try program for that like no masturbate for days and i didnt get more then 2 or 3 days so i wanna try something better i guess. (Btw sorry for my poor english, and im not 18)
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    Learn from this situation, do you want to stay like this forever?
    You are too addicted to dopamine, you better get dopamine from somewhere else.
    Here are some examples:
    Imagine your self after doing workouts at home, after a while, you will be able to run faster, do 50+ push up in one go, also people will be attracted to you!
    Fapping make you short, stiff, weak and it even makes your hair fall + bad vision.
    You better not masturbate from now on, take A few challenges from Challenges and Events forum, and I hope you get better my friend.
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    Use this method. It works 100%.

    Whenever you have strong urges, tell your seeking dopamine brain that greater pleasure is better than pleasure. What's better than pleasure? Greater pleasure. A strong urge comes? Think about how big your libido will be in 3 months. Just that, when an urge comes, you only have to think about how big your sexual energy was when you discovered porn. Wouldn't you want to experience such pleasure again? Then wait 3 months and then decide wether to release the sexual energy and enjoy maximum pleasure.
    The thing is that when the 3 months come, you'll most likely have forgotten about porn altogether or even if you relapse, your 3 months progress are not gone so repeat all of that for 3 months again until eventually porn is out of your mind.
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    Have you ever thought about locking your room or making sure the coast is clear before you masturbate?

    Anyway, you just need to keep trying, you'll figure it out eventually, make sure you clean up other areas of your life too, it has a spill over effect on your addiction, making it much harder to quit.

    If you do nothing else, just stop using social media.

    Good luck.
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