My mom just verbally abused the shit outta me

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    So I was supposed to go to class for like 2 hours, but what I totally forgot was that the teacher had shifted buildings so here I was standing 10 mins outside her old residence. I had completely forgotten to charge my phone and Idk why but at that point, I was numb and didn't ask anyone else for a phone. So I just came back home and basically wasted 45 mins and around 5$. I get home, she gets super-pissed and starts hurling insults at me in the loudest of volumes. She degrades me intensely and says way-too derogatory stuff for anyone to hear and worst of all, the door is open and a kid who was in my grade (in the same building) whom I knew also happened to go out and he heard all of this. I could see how he felt bad for me on his face and this sucked way more than anything. I lost the little dignity I built and I feel like shit. I know I may have messed up a bit but I'm only human too, I am not the best at responsibilities :( I feel like she takes out the anger she gets at work on me and it's totally unfair.

    There goes my rant, I just needed to get this off my chest. :_:
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  2. I'm sorry you're having to deal with that, man :/ that's not cool at all. Parents should never treat their children that way. I don't know the severity of the situation, but if it ever gets to a dangerous point, please don't be afraid to tell another reliable adult in your life about it and ask for help.
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    I feel for you bro! My dad was like that for years and there's nothing like verbal abuse to make you feel worthless... but you're not worthless! It's not right for her to treat you like that, but try not to let it get you down. You got this man!
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    Thanks guys, it doesn't happen that often but she's been this way of late. She just can't control her anger and somehow has a distorted perception of herself to be perfect and to be carrying my dad and I through various little incidents in life. Hope stuff goes the right way.

    I feel like I'm being drawn towards the subreddit TheRedPill which is sort of scary again.
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    Hopefully she will come to her senses and apologise and make things right with you. It sounds like a relatively minor thing that you did for what sounds like a severe over-reaction. Yeah you slipped up slightly, by not letting your mum know, that you had to make alternative arrangements to get home. Shit happens. But you figured it out, you got home, so no harm done. You certainly didn't deserve the reaction you got from her. I'm sure she will realise this too. Only you can decide whether this was just her lashing out because she is stressed out and overwhelmed, or whether she is actually abusive. But I reckon it was just an off day for her. It doesn't condone her behaviour, of course not. However a bit of empathy can soften the blow, after an unpleasant confrontation. Best of luck mate.
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    She did, yeah. She apologized at her reaction and said she should have acted better than that. I guess she's been going through immense pressure from all directions that she had no choice but to take it out or something. Anyways, thanks for the replies guys :)
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    This happens bro! My mom has temper issues like these!
    When she is angry, she will abuse me so much that it makes me feel like hitting her!
    Its a really bad thing to do! Parents should know that we love them and we
    take their words very seriously!

    But there is little one can do about it.
    My advice to you is that try to avoid any such situation which gets her angry! And don't worry, this turmoil won't last for long!
    All pain ends eventually! You have to be strong and endure it!
    Remember that you are a good and responsible person!
    If i ever found out that my son was doing nofap,, i would be really proud of him!
    All the best buddy, ConquerC
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  8. Also going through it at home :/ hang in there
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  9. You could tell her that your friend heard her mouthing off. The embarrassment might make her think twice before doing it again.
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    you don't be a person and stand up to your parents

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