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    Have you ever loved someone so much, You'd give an arm for, Not the expression, no, Literally give an arm for, When they know they're your heart, And you know you are their armor, And you will destroy anyone who would try to harm her, But what happens when porn turns right around and bites you, and everything you stand for turns on you to spite you, what happens when you are the main cause of your pain.
    Baby im leaving you,
    Baby dont leave ill change my life for you
    No this isnt working out
    Please give me another chance
    All you want is sex so good bye
    She never even looked back to have a glance.

    I lost my girlfriend due to pornography, well she doesnt know it was pronography even i didnt until a year later. One day i just looked into pronography addiction and how it changes everything about you and realised the fault was in me all that time, and it led me to losing someone i dearly love, someone that bought me so much happiness, someone i had my life planned out with... i have been using pornography since i got access to the internet and that must have been at the rough age of 13 or so and now im 21... i never realised its been stuck with me for so long until very recently, i realised like 6 months ago that pronography is a real problem i have and its something that is getting in the way of my life. My loss was extreamly painful for a long period of time and i even have flashbacks now, and that is the biggest motivation i have to let go of this. I do not want to loose someone i love because of this again. So i want to change myself and make myself a better person before i even get into another relationship. That is not the only reason, i also have goals like many other people, dreams and this is something that will get in the way of those for sure.

    So that is my history, thank you for reading it. I have tried many times in the past but its just something thats extreamly hard to let go. But i wont stop trying until this is out of my life.
    Thank you for all your support, i will surely need it.
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