My new habits, my new life.

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    Way to go! It seems like a good and fresh start. It's excellent that you reflected on your past, as it will give you the drive to move on and change. Just make sure you don't dwell to much on it, as it can be counterproductive and get you down.

    Have a pleasant streak.
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    Día 6.

    Durante todo el no he tenido la oportunidad de escribir mi diario.
    Tengo mucho trabajo acumulado, corres que respondedor, correos que mandar, llamada que realizar y cotizaciones que hacer ... En fin.

    Todo el día mi cerebro ha estado libre de pensamientos malos.

    He notado que hago es que encuentro a una mujer sexy y con buen cuerpo en la calle y mi impulso hace que la voltee a ver de pies a cabeza y tenga pensamientos malos ( Pero les soy sincero siento que poco a poco ese impulso desaparecerá).

    Bueno tengo que tomar una ducha fría, cenaré algo ligero y seguiré leyendo post en esta enorme comunidad.

    Buenas noches a todos.

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    Day 7 without PMO

    Hello friends followers of this community.

    I'm sorry for the delay in publishing my diary, but I've been very busy with my work. Today I tried to get there as early as possible to publish my progress on this new path, but my earrings did not allow me to.

    As I tell you, I've been very busy. My mind has been very busy. I don't give my brain a chance to have bad thoughts or bad impulses in looking for some xxx on my electronic devices (I have blocked those sites).

    In these 7 days I have, I feel more energyy, my body feel more active, more attractive and of course freer in my person. I have been running and training baseball in these 7 days and I feel much better, I have read many tips and success stories in this community...

    The impulses and despair believe me that are disappearing, For as I tell you from the beginning: I had already been trying to leave the PMO for years, it lasted 1, 2 or 3 weeks without PMO. That's why I feel like I'm not getting complicated.

    Well, I'm about to make it to my 8th. This weekend my diary will publish it in the afternoon-night.

    Have a great night and remember:


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    Day 8 and 9.

    On the 8th I went out with my wife, I confess that we are already married by the civilian, We do not live together because we are waiting for God's blessing and then we can be together for the rest of our lives (Tradition in our religion).

    We came to my house with my parents, to talk to them about our wedding plans and how we're doing with it. Although they're not doing well about this pandemic.

    We go back to his house and also tell his parents how we go with our wedding plans.

    I had a busy day at work, I came home tired and sleepy, I was writing this day 8 but I fell asleep.

    The only thing I've noticed weird in my body is that I've had involuntary erections, I realize my brain requires its drug called dopamine, but I won't do its job.

    Today the 9th I got up early to talk to my parents, extra for lunch, finished lunch and set up my backpack with my things to go play with.

    In my mind I've kept her busy at the baseball game, talking to my friends and family.

    I came home and I've been with my family. A moment ago I took a cold shower and been meditating on all the years I was in this addiction.

    There's just something I'm worried about, because my wife's never been told that for many years I've masturbated and seen P.

    We had an 8-year-old courtship and have more than 7 months as husbands (I remind you that we do not live together, We want to wait until we get married by the church).

    We've never had sex, we've only had intimate caresses, and that's not what we've been through.

    Now my question for all: Do I have to confess my addiction to my wife? Do you think there will be trouble after we get married and live together?

    Companions on this path let's not forget our goal: NO PMO.

    "Everything is possible in this life"

    Good night.

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    Day 10 without PMO.

    I'm telling you, I'm full of work in the office. So at no time does it give me a chance to think about impulses.

    Until now I was unemployed by my job, I never consider working at home after the office, but today I made exception, I had to send some earrings today that are urgent.

    I feel a little tired I think it is better to take a cold shower and rest, I hope to read some post tonight, I want to read more advice and what else I can do to meet my goals.

    Good night, everybody.

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    Day 11 No PMO

    I feel so much better every day. I'm going very well on this new road, in this change of my habits and my life. I feel much stronger than previous times.

    My work hasn't let me take care of other things, I have enough work to keep myself busy and out of bad thoughts. In these few days my impulses are coming down and my bad thoughts are also coming down.

    I have given the task of reading even if it is a little in some of the spots, I have read tips, tips to improve diac with day on this new path.

    I already took a cold shower and started writing this diary.

    Well, it's time to rest, have a good night.

    Best regards.
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    Day 12 without PMO

    During the day and had a couple of impulses, but they weren't enough to fall into the trap.

    I've also had bad thoughts about sex and fantasies. One thing that keeps diminishing is the way I see women, bone very temptingly.

    My sexual libido is far below ground, I have very limited to that.

    These 12 days without porn has helped me to start regenerating my way of thinking about sex.

    I know that I still have a long way to go and that the difficult path is yet to begin, but I will remain on guard, I will remain vigilant in stopping my impulses, in not having bad thoughts. And follow my path through this new life and these new habits.

    I want you to know that thank you this community I have learned a lot about the PMO.

    I am following all your tips and tips to have my life full and completely regenerated.

    Have a good night,

    Best regards.
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    Watching your progress is amazing! I'm happy you're putting up the good fight and inspiring us to keep pushing forward!
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    Friend @SeaChange believe me that I'm starting the hardest, it seems easy but it's not a friend.

    As I mentioned in my previous days, leaving the PMO, I've been trying for several years, maybe 3 or 4 years, that's why I feel like it hasn't been so difficult for me.

    The progress I have made so far is for all the posts and success stories I've read in this community. Thanks to all those tips and all the advice my progress improves day by day.

    I leave this post for you to read this very interesting and precisely for everything we went through in this horrible.
    I highly recommend them.

    Read it... Everything (Suggestion start from the short introduction)ñol.254612/
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    Excuse me friend but it is in Spanish, but with the browser translator you can read it. Best regards
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    Day 13 No PMO.

    This day I've been having bad thoughts and thinking about fantasies. But I won't give up on those impulses.

    I understand my brain wants your drug called dopamine, but I won't give it to you.

    From the beginning of the week I had not been able to go for a run and train baseball because I am late from work, and already when I get home it is already obscuring.

    Until just this day Thursday I had a chance to go for a run and train. Unfortunately for weeks past I felt an injury to my right arm, but I didn't listen. Unfortunately on Sunday I did badly playing, my injury won't let me throw the ball hard, so I'll stop playing and I'll be out for injury for about 1 month.

    All I'm going to do is run untouched and throw 1 ball.

    I have been meditating and remembering everything that I have been through with this addiction, I have taken cold showers, I exercise, I recommend you read many posts and study about this bad addiction.

    Well, I'm going to rest, good night. Best regards.
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    Day 14 without PMO

    Last night my brain made a bad move, I was about to have wet sleep and in that I woke up, I had my hands on my sex organ.

    It was really weird as if my brain and body played me a bad move.

    I've been reading a very good post that I was provided with, I still don't finish reading it.

    During the day I have kept busy in my work, meetings, calls with my clients and deliveries of equipment and material.

    I come home, eat and take a cold shower, have a beer to rest and I'm about to go to bed. These 14 days I have felt very good, calm, almost free of impulses.

    It's time to rest, tomorrow will be a good day, Good night.

    Best regards.
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    Day 15, 16, 17 and 18...

    Day 15 No PMO:

    Last Saturday I went out with my wife. I tell you that we have been talking about our wedding, on Saturday we agreed to start visiting our relatives to invite them, because we already have the date and time of our religious celebration.

    I went for her to her house and went back to my parents' house to join us to visit our relatives. In the afternoon we go home, stay at his house and sleep.

    As I mentioned earlier we don't live together, you know, for reasons of religion (Until we're married by the church, we can be together). Well, the times I sleep at home, she sleeps with her parents or my sister-in-law. And I sleep in his room.

    We know our wedding is a couple of months away, so we've been a little affectionate for a few months, we've had a little intimacy, but it's just caresses and kisses.

    Day 16 No PMO:

    On Sunday I get up to help my wife, as they have a ranch and cattle.

    After helping we went to mass, went back and went back to the ranch chores. (I work Monday through Friday from 8 am to 6 pm). Saturday and Sunday break.

    Then we had lunch and managed to go out and invite his family to our wedding.

    We came home tired and had to go back to my house.
    Before I returned I was with my wife for a few minutes of kisses and caresses, believe me that the only impulses I have are towards my wife, kissing her and caressing her.

    Come home and take a cold shower, dine and then I'll get ready to rest.

    Day 17 No PMO:

    Monday back to work.

    Yesterday Monday I kept very busy, pulling out earrings that I had behind since last week. Customer calls and other new requests.

    During the day I had impulses, but in all of them thinking of my wife. I think thinking about my wife is not bad at all, I think it's normal to be physically and mentally attracted to her.

    I came home tired of work, went to cut my hair, came back and took a cold shower, had something light and set out to rest.

    As you can see I have been very busy and free of thoughts in PMO, Well the bad thoughts are that I think of my wife.

    Day 18 No PMO:

    Today Tuesday I made a small space in my activities to write my diary.

    I'm definitely also behind my diary and with my work I'm still on earrings.

    Today I will stay busy and at night I do not believe in writing my activities and my progress today.
    In my work I will still be busy, After my work I have an invitation from my wife, Today is the birthday of an uncle of my wife. They will make food, there will be mariachi and Mexican dinner (I tell you I am Mexican). I came prepared to stay at my wife's.
    So far I don't have PMO impulses.

    But now my impulses are toward my wife, for a long time I haven't felt that attraction of my wife, like since we met and became boyfriends.

    During our courtship I was sunk in the addiction of PMO, my sexual libido decreased a lot, because the PMO paints sex differently.

    When I have the opportunity I read post in the community to continue learning about this horrible addiction.

    To this day I can tell you that I have 18 days WITHOUT PMO.

    I feel full of energy, I feel more attractive and very cheerful. I feel light as if I've left something so heavy. I feel calm with myself, with my mind and with my soul, with my body.

    I'm very clear about my goals and goals.

    I hope my diary is serving as an example to members of this community.

    Have a great day.

    Best regards.
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    Day 19 No PMO

    On this day I have had some involuntary erections, my mind begins to return to bad thoughts, But I am completely firm with my goal, it is becoming more and more complicated for my mind to dominate me, I know what it requires.

    I dawned a little unveiled about the Mexican night, During my day off I took the opportunity to go out with my wife to invite her relatives for our wedding. (As I told you in my previous days we are about to get married, although it will only be our religious celebration, we will have no feast for reasons of this covid pandemic.

    Come home, arrive tired and take a cold shower, talk to my parents for a moment, then sleep because the next day I had to attend work.

    I tell you that in the last few weeks I have an infinite desire of my wife (wanting to have sex with her). But believe me, I control those impulses.

    Day 20 No PMO

    All night long I had very strong involuntary erections.

    Just as during the morning on the way to work, the earrings and tasks in my work made me forget those impulses.

    The only impulse that still doesn't diminish is to see women's bodies and imagine bad thoughts with them and fantasies.

    I know I have to work harder on this impulse, but I understand that this is because of all the time I've been in addiction, because I made my brain look normal.

    Still, I was busy during my workday, I came home in cold shower and I was with my parents talking and planning a meal for Saturday (It's my Dear Father's birthday).

    Then I set out to rest.

    Day 21 No PMO

    Today I fulfill my goal that I achieve a long time ago, I know that I am to achieve more than 21 days and if possible for the rest of my life.

    I repeat that one thing that helped me a lot is reading success stories in this community. I've learned too much about this addiction.

    One thing that impacts me is that all the time we have to be studying about our addiction and that by studying we strengthen our weapons to fight those impulses.

    Between a forum in which it is the challenge of 90 days Without PMO, every day I am sent an email about tips, tips and rules to make on this path, I am somewhat late to read them, because I am barely on the 10th (Well I have many emails in my tray to read).

    I am very happy with my progress, I know that I am doing very well and I know that I have to work on many things, to stand firm with my goals, I know that I will have a very great reward after this. So I don't lose faith in myself and God that I know is also supporting me on this new path and life.

    Reminding them that "Everything Is Possible In This Life"

    Good night.

    Best regards
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    You are in good company here there is wisdom aplenty . Stay on course you life will transform!!
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    Day 22, 23 and 24 No PMO

    Day 22:

    September 19th was my father's birthday. Together with my mother, my brothers held a little party where we invited my uncles and cousins.

    We made to eat roast beef and I bought my father a cake. We enjoyed the family party.

    In the afternoon I had to take my wife home and since it was too late I had to stay, besides on Sunday we had to go out and invite her relatives for our wedding (Ufff we still have many to invite and we are short of time).

    Before we slept we got a little affectionate, you know intimacy without getting to have sex (Only caresses) But we were in enormous danger because almost my father-in-law almost sees us in our caressing game (we were in the room). In the end we went to sleep with a lot of desire to make love.

    I had that feeling of going back to MO, but don't let me get carried away by my mind. I set out to sleep and think about other things, until I forgot about it and rests.

    Day 23:

    The next morning I get up, help my wife in the work of her house.

    We talked to my in-laws, had lunch and went back to house chores.

    Then we went out to invite relatives for our wedding.
    I'm asking you that the only person I want is my wife's.

    I feel really good because there's little I think about PMO, all I think about is making love to my wife and she's the one who MO me, but I don't know if I'm wrong or I don't think about it too.

    One thing that helped me a lot is not sleeping late, because I've learned that sleeping after 11 your body doesn't rest and you don't recharge enough energy for the next day. In addition, after that hour there is a better chance of falling back into addiction.

    I have 2 weeks that I have not been able to exercise, but I will have to organize my times in this week to be able to perform even if it is a little.

    One thing I read in this community and that stayed as an arrow in my brain is that:

    "Our genitals should only be touched only when we urinate in the bathroom"

    If we do it out of that it's considered M.
    I didn't get a chance to read tips and stories in this community this past week.

    What I can give you as advice is that we keep our minds busy:

    Read, exercise, perform meditation, listen to music (Do not watch videos), Go for a walk, talk to a friend or family member on the phone, attend a small event where you keep your brain distracted, Take cold showers, watch important news from your state or country, learn a new language, etc. There are countless things we can do to keep ourselves busy and PMO-free.

    In the afternoon I came home and took a cold shower, talked to my mother for a moment and then to sleep, as I had to work the next day.

    Day 24:

    I'm starting on the 24th Without PMO, I'm writing my diary right now.

    I'm in my office, even though I have a little work, but those earrings during the week I finish them.

    I'm starting to feel a little pressured by my wedding, I feel like we're not wearing half our guest relatives. In addition, we have to start planning our trip (We will not party due to the COVID pandemic).
    Friends, I hope my diary is helping others in this community or serving as an example.

    I say good start to the week.
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    It is helping others, or at least it is helping me. Thank you for your words and for sharing all of your steps. I hope your wedding goes off without a hitch!
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    Day 25 without PMO.

    During my day I have been busy with my work, I feel that day by day I have more earrings.

    I keep my brain busy so I don't think about anything about PMO.

    Among the things I do is that as soon as I have bad impulses I get up from where I am, do deep breaths and drink some water. At the same time I look for a way to be with someone to keep me accompanied (Being alone is one of the reasons we fall into the PMO).

    One of the things that helps me a lot is reading in this community, reading forums, recommendations and success stories. Read about the effects of PMO and how they damage our body and health.

    One thing I've read a lot is taking cold showers. Talk to a friend or family member.

    The most important thing is to keep our minds busy, that our brains are busy working on other things.

    Another thing is not to fall into the game of our brain, our brain requires its drug called dopamine. Our body reacts to the impulses the brain sends us.

    We also have to be careful with our body, because our brain and body can create alliance and make us fall into PMO addiction.

    I hope these tips will help you friends and every member of this community.

    Good night.

    Best regards.
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    Day 26 No PMO.

    I've had a busy day, I'm finishing my work on my job and trying to finish my back work for weeks.

    I've had very strong erections at night, they even make me wake up to how strong they are and so constant. I get up to drink some water and then walk a little in my room and perform an exercise that I learned to stop erections (Sitting with your legs bent to your chest) this causes the blood leading to our sex organ to be cut off.

    A few days ago I understood and understood the difference between intimacy and masturbation:
    Intimacy is when between kisses and caresses connects mentally and physically with a person, there is a connection between both bodies and both brains, intimacy is when you give pleasure and receive pleasure physically and mentally from your partner and reach the climax or orgasm.

    Instead, masturbation is the imagination and fantasy of the brain, your brain what it does is fantasize about the images you've seen or what you're watching on a screen, the brain makes us imagine it's inside that screen and simulates that you're the person who's on that called P. Therefore, the M is used and ends in an O.

    I know they told me that in both parts it ends in Orgasm, but what they think is the difference between an Orgasm in intimacy or an Orgasm in masturbation. (I'm still trying to figure this out) You guys think you guys?

    In these 26 days without PMO, I feel like my brain is starting to lose the battle and it doesn't control me that easy.

    I have to continue reading about and learning more in this forum, something that emphasizes us is to continue reading and studying about the effects of the PMO, To continue preparing not to continue in this addiction.

    Well, I say good-bye, I have to talk to my wife and then get some rest.

    Good night.

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