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Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by Eternal96, May 5, 2021.

  1. Eternal96

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    The past three years I've been trying my hardest to stick to NoFap, going through failed reboot after failed reboot seemingly making no progress at all. In November of last year I managed 21 days which was incredible for me but once I relapsed I relapsed hard, the chaser effect catching up with me and gradually putting me back to where I was before my streak.

    My take away at the time, based on my failed three years was that cold turkey was never going to work for me I wasn't beating the addiction just prolonging the inevitable, I want to be able to fap recreationally without falling back onto my addiction.

    The last three months I've been using an accountability chart, setting goals of days between PMO's it's honestly been a game changer for me. I started with a distance of one day between fap sessions and it had turned into being able to go six days straight by the end of the first month which was progress for me. To any of you who are struggling with the cold turkey method I'd highly recommend taking it day by day and setting goals, it's slower but in the long run its worked better for me after years of failure and regression.

    The last few months have thought me not to be ashamed of my failures, the important thing is getting back on the horse and trying again. 16202235529101983890014840643734.jpg
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  2. ANewFocus

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    This is a great tool and approach to gradually reduce the hold PMO has on us.
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  3. WyldWiggy

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    @Eternal96 This is a great way to track your progress. Just like any addiction, take it one day at a time. Remember it is progress, not perfection.
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    Life is a slow and painful lesson in self love.
    Accept yourself as you are and see your life blossom.
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  5. Eternal96

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    Thank you all been feeling much better, the most useful thing about having the physical grid is the patterns that emmerged between relapses. Really useful for documenting exactly how the chaser effect works and how long it lasts per relapse as well! Highly recommend doing this for yourself.

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