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  1. Background:

    I am 30 year old. I have been watching porn extensively since 2010. Which led to my ED. I was Married and then My ED got severe. I consulted Doctor he tested my Testosterone which is 350 ng/dl. He gave me pills. I was able to have sex but I totally lost my Libido. I have no real connection is Sex. My wife felt it and she divorced me. I went into depression, my psychiatrist gave me anti depressants. After using Antidepressants my Morning wood(50%) is back. I started watching porn and Fapping again. Eventually I lost erection completely.

    I now decided no matter what I am going to completely reset my body.

    Day 1 and 2:

    I completely deleted my facebook, Insta , Snapchat and Tiktok. I haven't seen any morning wood in these two days. I am still taking Antidepressants and Vitamin-D supplement. As soon as I hit day 9 I will stop taking Anti Depressants. I am not sure when I will recover but I am determined to get out of this.

    I am also taking cold showers.

    I am channeling all my energy and focus into shaping my body and losing weight. I want happiness back in my life.

    Please do suggest me if I have to do something in specific.

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  2. anaturalsatori

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    Specifically, keep doing this for yourself. It sounds like you're taking dramatic steps, and those are likely going to be a major difference in your pursuit. I love that you got rid of social media. IMO, that shit is mental cancer, beyond the sex infused images and dialog. I wouldn't recommend isolating yourself completely, hopefully you have some good friends in your life. I haven't been on social media for years, and I have so much less hate in my heart. Good luck!
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    I cannot overemphasize what a great idea this is. Those "services" are ruining the world and, although everyone thinks they are free and liberating us, they are imprisoning us and we pay in ways we do not see.

    In my experience it is very important to make a concrete plan for what you will do when you get an urge. I always stop what I am doing, close my eyes, and relax my body. I focus only on my body and wait until the urge leaves me. If I debate with it or investigate it at all (this is sometimes called "white-knuckling"), the desire only gets stronger. Best of luck.
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  4. Thanks Man. I have a strong motivation to get over this. I am also considering to move to a different place to completely start new life.
  5. Thanks Captain for the Advice. I will surely draft a plan. I can evade daytime urge by just walking out of my Home. I think Night time urge is tough to deal with.
  6. Day 3 4:

    Flat line - no urge for PMO or sex. I am getting used to cold showers quite easy. I am not starting with hot water and then move it cold, Instead I am starting of directly with cold shower. I stopped using anti depressants.

    Day 5:
    I noticed a morning wood (50%). It Went away as soon as woke up. I see little more energy in me. I was able to walk 5 miles in 90 mins, when I started I was walking 5 miles in 100 mins. Cold showers are not that scary anymore. Still No urge for PMO or Sex.
  7. Day 6:

    Flat line again - No morning wood, no desire for PMO or Sex, Low energy as well. I am sticking to routine. Cold shower and 8 mile walk though energy levels are low.
    I am feeling more sleepy now. My body seems tired and i started seeing brain fog since I stopped Anti depressants. I am more inclined to curing this Normally.
    I read some where that it takes 14 months for Dopamine receptors to become normal again. Is that True?
  8. Hi everyone,

    Day 7 to 12:

    I got my Testosterone levels tested on 8th day of Nofap, I got my results back and I see now my Total testosterone levels dropped significantly from 479 ng/dl (8th May) to 126 ng/dl(4th June). This is a huge dip.
    I read everywhere that nofap doesn't effect T-levels. While I clearly see a huge dip in T levels. I am currently diagnosed with Low T. I will take another test of T-levels every month for next few months and will publish data here.
    I am sleeping early everyday and waking up early. No significant changes no Libido.
    Can someone help me understand why my T-levels went significantly down.
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  9. Day 13 and 14:

    I had a wet dream on Day14. As I read everywhere it doesnt reset Nohap journey. I was surprised why I suddenly got a wet dream on day 14.
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