My Nofap Routine for Self-Improvement. Tips?

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by LawOfAttraction, Jan 7, 2019.

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    I recently found out about this community and I love it! First off, I wanted to get some stuff off my chest. So, I relapsed today and my longest streak was 30 days and I wanted to make a commitment and stopping once and for all by interacting with a community that will do the same. I'm in my early teens and I really want to improve my self and not upset God, as a result I came up with the following aspects to help myself on nofap and possibly you too!

    As many of you know, nofap is an amazing tool to improve yourself, but you must transmute your sexual energy in order to reap the full benefits. So, I decided to combine meditation early in the morning, exercise (calisthenics), healthy diet, cold showers, fasting once a week, avoiding social media, only watching self improvement videos, and practice positive thoughts (manifestation purposes) with nofap. I believe nofap is one of the base roots to sprout branches to success so why not start early, you know? Moreover, my goal is to reach 90 days and I will stop counting after that because I want to make this a lifestyle for the rest of my life. Finally, if there are any young adults like myself reading this, props to you because our manhood, masculinity, growth, is at risk if we continue to fap. Reason why our growth may be at risk is because fapping causes our hormones to become unbalanced and releasing that essence of masculinity will not only make us more feminine down there, but everywhere. Please exercise and get the blood flowing and it will increase your growth hormones. Anyone have tips to add to my routine?
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