My only success story, about 2 weeks w/o PMO.

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    I once went without PMO for around two weeks. It was quite unintentional, I just didn't get any urges for that long. And I felt like a KING. Like, I had a lot of energy. Highschool Contra/Square dances made me super pumped to meet new people. And I wasn't afraid of talking to girls. Which is evidence of how damning porn can be, because my life reflects the opposite. My mother (who doesn't know of my struggles) said when I was younger I used to be super extroverted. Now, I can see I'm introverted, closed in, and afraid of the opposite gender. Or maybe, porn just surpresses the extroversion, the social adreline, and the drive and confidence to be able to have conversations with girls.

    I'm not the type of person who talks about talking to girls like it's some sort of immature, funny game. Instead, I like talking to girls around my age because it increases my social circle AND gives me the self-esteem I need to be motivated. That's right. You can use your self-confidence to talk to girls (which is actually quite awkward and scary to some), and in return, if it's quite successful, you get more self-confidence.

    I can't wait to pass the two week mark again. Today is day 6. Tomorrow I make the week 1 mark.
  2. keep on going! never give up! This is hard but it is worth it!
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