My parents won't let me go vegan

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  1. I used to be an ignorant meat-eater, but two weeks ago, I decided to go vegetarian mainly for health reasons and it was a step in the right direction for me. I actually feel better about myself now than ever before.

    My digestion has improved and I have so much more energy. I also feel more confident because I'm on the road to becoming a true animal lover with true compassion for animals. I don't want to have dead animal flesh on my plate anymore. I'm done with that shit.

    Now it's time that I should take a step further and start transitioning to veganism.

    I don't drink milk anymore nowadays because the idea of drinking breast milk from another mammal seems very unnatural to me. I would rather just drink plant-based alternatives like coconut milk, almond milk, and oat milk instead.

    I still eat cheese, Greek yogurt/Icelandic skyr, and eggs but I will slowly start cutting those foods out of my diet eventually. A plant-based diet can take a while to transition to, it doesn't happen overnight for most people (like me).

    I do have superfoods like moringa powder, cacao, flax seeds, and chia seeds in my cupboard. There are still some plant-based foods I need to start stocking up on like spirulina, chlorella, hemp seeds, nori seaweed, etc.

    I also want to start giving away my leather items because I just don't want them anymore. I heard about the horrors of the leather industry and now, my perceptions of leather have changed. I used to just see leather as leather. But now, I see leather as the skinned hide of a tortured animal that was put through so much pain and suffering up until it's gruesome slaughter.

    The thought really makes me want to rethink what I wear. Now, my wardrobe desperately needs a revamp. I don't want these damn leather belts anymore, nor do I want that leather wallet which I never even used in the first place. That means I also have to give up my watch because the straps are made from leather. Plus, time doesn't even exist the way we think we do, so who needs a watch anyways?

    There are countless reasons why I want to go vegan. It's not just for health reasons, but for ethical and environmental reasons as well. I also want to go vegan because I desire clean, healthy skin with little to no spots.

    As a teenager, I'm tired of having acne on my face; It won't seem to go away now matter how hard I try. I think it's time to start cutting out dairy for now on; I think that's the main culprit of my acne issue. I don't have severe acne, but I still have a few pimples that stick out like a sore thumb which is annoying AF.

    Even though I'm eager to start living the vegan lifestyle, I have a problem: my parents are not wanting me to go vegan. I know I'm not alone on this issue, but I'm sure as hell not willing to wait until I move out to solve this issue.

    I already know the reasons why my parents won't let me go vegan. The first reason is because of protein but that myth has already been busted a long time ago.

    I hope they understand that protein is actually pretty easy to get on a plant based diet. There are plenty of good plant-based protein sources like chia seeds, hemp seeds, spirulina, chlorella; vegan meat alternatives like tofu, tempeh, seitan, etc.

    Not to mention, high-quality vegan protein powder is high in complete, plant-based protein, fiber, and also retains many of the important vitamins and minerals. I always use vegan powders because whey is pretty much inferior in almost every way; all it has is a higher protein content and that's about it.

    The second reason is because my mom would have to cook me a second meal solely for myself. Even though she is supportive enough to cook me vegan meals during the weekends; weekdays, on the other hand, are the big issue.

    I think I need to start learning how to cook on my own to suit my needs. I shouldn't be needing to rely on my mom to cook at this age anyways. I really should start looking up vegan recipes that I can make with very few ingredients in under 15 minutes. I think this should take the pressure off mom and allow her to cook for everyone else.

    Last but not least, the issue is eating healthy on a budget. The belief that eating a plant-based diet is expensive is simply just a myth that has once again, already been busted a long time ago.

    I can't see how this could be an issue when it comes to plant-based living because a lot of plant based foods such as grains, beans, seeds, and legumes are usually very affordable. Plus, a vegetarian/vegan diet saves a lot of money in the long run, so I can't see how eating healthy on a budget can be a problem anyways.

    Overall, I really want to go vegan. I really want to embark on the plant-based journey not only for my mental, physical, and spiritual health, but for the animals and the world around us. But the problem is, my parents think that lifestyle is too extreme, so they won't let me.

    I need some tips from the experienced vegans here in this forum. I want to know how to transition into a vegan diet in a household full of non-vegans. I don't care what anyone else thinks of me; I want to live the lifestyle that suits me best.

    In other words, I want to eat to live, not live to eat. I see food as fuel for our bodies. I want to be fueling my body with plants, not pieces of dead animal carcasses.

    Any advice from fellow vegans on how I can transition from being a vegetarian to a vegan? Quitting meat alone is just not enough for me; I want to take that step further and cut out all animal products from my diet, including cheese and yogurt.

    I want to see what magical benefits I could reap by going plant-based!

    -Captain Rex
  2. brilliantidiot

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    Looks like you gotta do what your parents tell you for now. Personally I would never be vegan, but each man to himself I guess. I'll tell you this though: Its not an alpha diet. You will have a hard time putting on muscle and gaining strength. Good luck though.
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  3. fapequalsdeath

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    good job parents, just eat some grass-fed meat and you'll be fine!
  4. ptrjovskis

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    So, I want to become completely vegetarian. Not vegan. But I have the same problem. My parents simply will not allow me to cook my own meals when they're at home. I have to eat what's served. My dad is currently mocking me for wanting to become vegetarian, I explain why - global warming and all, but he doesn't seem to care.

    So, I've been trying for about a year now, anytime I can I eat vegetarian food, but same as you it is at home you have to work the hardest.

    Anyway, I'm just wondering, why exactly do you want to become vegan? I've read your post, but I'm getting a feeling that you're doing this just because "why not?".

    Oh and one more thing, be careful about talking about veganism, like trying to explain why everyone should do it and why it's wrong to consume animal products - it often has the opposite effect of that you wanted. Might help with your case with your parents. Instead cook them a meal with vegan products, be involved in showing them how nice it actually can be.
  5. Babyphat

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    First off, your AMAZING and have done your research. To tell you the truth, you articulated your thoughts and desires so clear and concise.I can tell this is a burden for you. I would challenge you to show ur parents the post. It may be easier than spoken words- they may surprise you.- most teenagers are interested in far less investments- you can't imagine the gift you are giving yourself and you only just begun (l see u as a future advocate and teacher). Help them help you by helping to prep some of your own food-cut your veg n stuff and put in containers. There ia a product named "beyond beef" Google it, no one will know it's not meat and helps with the transition perhaps buy it and ask ur Mom to cook it n let the fam try it so they can understand ur not depriving yourself n you would be leading by example once they see ur conviction-learn to cook meals on Sunday that you can have for 2-3 days ur Mom wld help I'm sure, that way she isn't tied to making 2 different meals - freeze some portions like a veg lasagne or mock Sheppard pie. Yea the skin doesn't like dairy . Look on Amazon for '10% Sulfur soap " for ur acne, within a week it will be 50% better- read the comments works better than any prescription or OTC product on the market. There is also sulfur creams to use after u rinse. Using both in a month ur skin will change drastically. Good luck on your journey !
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  6. PJT

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    I went vegan for a week got punched in the gut while sparring and immediatley told myself I need meat in my diet if I'm going to do this. To each his own I guess. Good luck on your plight. I do not find it an issue to cleanse yourself and switch up the diet for a little but a lifelong vegan goal seems unnatural to me idk. In any case good luck!
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  7. So you're saying meat is going to make your gut stronger :D

    I can say from experience that when you get hit to your gut, the only way to get used to those hits are to take them like a man..
  8. PJT

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    Naw I just felt the pH valance was all wrong. Look I'm not a scientist I'm just saying no top professional level boxer is a vegan. I've seen many people hinder themselves when they limit their diet. I feel like a complete diet is necessary for us. India has the lowest iq of all countries in the entire can link some of that to majority of the people being vegetarian. I'm not saying the diet is the only factor obviously there are others but it's something to think about
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  9. right :D
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  10. Lmao, my parents are trying to make me go vegetarian. I guess we're on the same boat. Just cook your own meals and tell your parents not to cook you anything with meat products.
  11. LEPAGE

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    You sneakn' cheeseburgers?
  12. Jal Say

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    Hey man nice to hear that you want to adopt a plant based life style :)

    The only thing I believe you can do is to talk with your parents.
    Be calm if you talk with them and try to understand them because you've got information that they don't have and they are stuck in the same mindset many vegan were before adopting a plant based diet - that there may be health issues and that meat + dairy is just too delicious.

    They can't and don't want to see the victims (thats what your brain does for selfdefence) , the animals and solving this is only possible with asking questions in an calm, understanding manner and showing them the victims.

    It is likely that they have never seen a film like earthlings or dominion.
    You can also say smth like ,''If you find my decision too extreme then please watch this documentary with me and then we can talk", there is truly nothing extreme by not exploiting animals and brutally murder them. Just saying the most 'humane' death in the industry is the gas chambers.

    Science, facts and the ethical aspect are on your side

    It is nothing more than bullshit that it may be otherwise. Respecting decisions is good and recommended thats it until a victim is affected by your choice.

    You won't have problems building muscles - it will be even easier. Thanks to a plant based diet your regeneration process will be faster and you won't get as much tired while working out.

    It's cheaper, unbelievable healthy for yourself and the planet (Climate change problem no.1 is the animal industrie) and ethical corrrect.

    Btw. cooking delicious food isn't that hard at all but ofc in the beginning 'free style' cooking might be still hard (but worth training). Luck for us that there are tons of delicious recipes out there. If you dont know some I recommend Avantgardevegan - he is a vegan chef.
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  13. properWood

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    Please go on YouTube and search for Rich Roll; your assumption with difficulty is unfounded, it’s a myth.
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  14. brilliantidiot

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    Please name 10 buff vegan bodybuilders
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  15. properWood

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    I’m not knowledgeable about who’s who in the body building world, but googling for ‘vegan body builders’ returns quite some results.

    Look at it in a different way, some of the strongest animals are herbivores: giraffes, elephants, horses. How much muscles does a rhino need to have to carry all that body and how much power do they exert?
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  16. brilliantidiot

    brilliantidiot Fapstronaut

    I'm not interested in arguing about this but you are not a rhino, and you can't eat the ENORMOUS amount they can in order to get all the nutrients they need.
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  17. 19conquer

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    Don't listen to anyone saying it's not an "alpha diet" gorillas aren't meat eaters and they could tear any man to shreds because of their muscle. I also know of these YouTubers I forgot their names, but they're super ripped and healthy and VEGAN.
    My advice is try to educate them by showing them where you will get your protein from like tofu, beans etc and all your nutrients. I know it's a bit harder to get B12 from veggie diets but of you drink the almond milk sometimes then that will give you all that you need in a day of that nutrient. Trust me. Ive been a vegetarian and non-strict vegan for 3.5 years now. I'm alive and well. If they don't want to pay for your new foods to accomodate your diet, then I would recommend working for money and buying some of your own groceries. That will help you learn the value of money as well and you can practise buying healthy foods and resisting temptations. Goodluck!!
  18. brilliantidiot

    brilliantidiot Fapstronaut

    to all the vegans in this thread: the "strong animals eat plants" analogy isn't valid. Gorillas, for instance, consume about 40 lbs of plants a day in order to sustain themselves. We can't eat that much. I'm am not attacking you or interested in debating this relatively non-consequential topic just pointing this out. Good luck with your diets
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  19. Jal Say

    Jal Say Fapstronaut

    I can't Tell you 10 professional body builder, but you may know Patrick Boboumian his lifestyle is fully vegan and he has a lot of titles and records. Also at the Strongman Championships in August 2011, he won the title of "Strongest man in Germany".
    Or you may know Arnold Schwarzenegger or Mike Tyson. Simnett Nutrition would also be one but he is focusing more on calesthenics.
    Rich roll as an example is not a body builder but athlete and he did funny things like 5 Ironmans in 1 week, he stated that without changing to a plantbased diet that wouldn't have been possible

    The analogy with gorilla isn't that bad actually, first they are not human so we can't say that they need the same amount of food, they weight around 400 pounds (male), they have a lot of muscles and they would move a lot more than most humans. But we can state that our body is designed as an herbivore the same as them, that you may see on your teeths, your intestine length, your gastric acid which is a lot weaker than that of an omnivore or carnivore and so on. You will need to eat more but that is perfectly fine, plants do have a lot of water after all and they contain a lot more nutrition as you can get from animal products, you got vitamins, minerals and protein. You won:t have problems with protein at all, protein (amino acids to be precise) in first place is plant made.

    I love it how people in general who may not have informed themself much get all professional nutritionist as soon as the topic veganism is around.

    Btw, you are right 'to each his own' but the personal preferences ends as soon as a victim is involved and the not necessary killing and exploiting of animals creates billions of victims each year, human and non human.
    If not trading slaves would also be a personal choice, hitting a dog baby on the streets would also be a personal choice or torturing animals on the street in general.
    Whats happening in the animal industry is by no means human, the most 'humane' way to murder an animal would be the gas chambers, at least to the industry, but the word humane states for being kind, compassionate and full of emphaty.
    It's the same as you probably wouldn't say that the jews were treated nicely and got a 'humane' death in the gas chamber back in the 30-40's.

    Now someone may argue that humans and animals aren't the same; first humans are animals and even if we don't put animals on the same stage as humans, we may agree that they are a living and feeling being which can experience pain and suffer the same as we do, then we can maybe agree that what is happening there is simple inhumane and with knowing that we can easily life on a plant based diet with delicious food, unnessecary.

    Because that is what veganism is about, choosing the path with the least amount of suffering, that you help the environment more than you could ever do with sparing water consumption or turning the lights off or driving bike is a nice side effect.

    Also the documentation 'Earthlings' and 'What The Health' may be of interest to you :)

    Thank you for your wishes.
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  20. brilliantidiot

    brilliantidiot Fapstronaut

    neither iron mike nor arnold were vegan when they were young.

    I'm not going to respond to this because I don't really give a crap and I haven't studied this. Maybe you are right, maybe not, its not going to change anything.

    Thats because its hard to sit there and take it from a lot vegans that you are morally inferior for eating food they don't like. I'm not blaming you though, just saying its common
    Sure, thats fine. I don't have a problem if thats the way you want to do it (I maintain, however, that its not the best alpha diet). Personally I love animals but I have no desire to stop eating meat so yeah :p .

    Thanks, I hope you have a good day my dude . Good luck :)
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