My penis is sending death threat to my brain

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by Dannylzl, Jul 8, 2017.

  1. Dannylzl

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    So gaiz it's my third day so far and I'm feeling like I'm about to die and my penis feels weird. Almost fell into the PMOs trap again but yea I'm still holding on and I'm not gonna give up any sooner :)
  2. Drew140

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    It's called withdrawal. Your body will feel weird at times. The physical withdrawal will get worse not better for a good amount of time. You are fighting your body and brain. Pain is a reminder that you did this to yourself.
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  3. I Free I

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  4. Drew140

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    I went to catholic school. They still used corporal punishment. Swats with the paddle on your ass teach valuable lessons. So does having to sit on a hard chair afterwards. A sore ass is a great teacher.
  5. Big Rob

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    I know what you're feeling, I'm going through it as I write this! It feels like I would rather chop a finger off than resist the urge anymore. Just remember it comes in waves, and you can handle it!
  6. mrlions

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    I also go through the same. Almost started watching adult movies. Somehow remembered and came back to this forum..
  7. Drew140

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    I'll get the wooden spoon

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